Welcome (Back)

Hello friends…some of you may remember me from my old blog also called Autism and Salvation. I quit blogging a while back but I really miss it!

I hope this new blogging adventure takes me down a slightly different path than my previous blog did. I still have intentions of blogging mostly for personal enjoyment, but I also hope that my personal journey can somehow offer you encouragement.

First, a little about me, and then a little about my ideas for the blog.

My name is Tricia. I am in love with my husband Tamer, and together we are in love with our three boys Junior, Handsome, and Captain. But above all of that, we seek to know and love our Lord Jesus Christ more and more each day. We are a very spiritual family. We pray out loud. We hold hands when we pray. We homeschool year-round. We mill our own wheat. Some of us may have autism, oral motor apraxia, dyslexia, OCD, Dr. Pepper addictions, and/or anxiety. The rest of us are just dysfunctional.

For the blog, I hope to share our success stories as well as our failures. I like to be transparent and honest. I hope to tell about what does or doesn’t work in our homeschool. I hope to encourage others that are navigating through special needs, whether homeschooling or not. And I hope that my words will always be an encouragement for others to find God in the midst of whatever circumstances they are facing.

You have encouraged me just by stopping by. Thank you!

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