Your Autism Is Showing Again

This morning I got to play a fun game with Handsome. It’s kind of like “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.” You know the little story that has the fun chant and motions that go with it? Except we weren’t going on a bear hunt this morning. A better title for our game would be “we’re going on a poop-hunt.” And the really fun part is that we get to use our noses to help us find the answer. Sometimes, if we’re really lucky, the game ends quickly because it’s right under our noses and we can put our foot right on it!

Yep, I stepped on a small chunk just outside of his bedroom 😐

Fortunate for us, Handsome’s autism also displays itself in some absolutely adorable ways, too. He lines up a lot of things. Mostly toys and dolls. But he will line up the pets, too. And he loves to line people up. If you visit our home and he lines you up on the sofa, consider yourself a special object of his affection.

He’s fussing at the dog to make him be still.
One of his finest accomplishments. He actually got two more people in this line!





Fun times…most of the time.

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