Captain Critter

My youngest son, Captain, and I share some fascinations. One of those fascinations would be insects.

I’m strange like that. Most wives call their husbands to squash a bug. In our family, my husband calls me to come and look at it so I can decide the fate–into a viewing receptacle, release it, or introduce it to a shoe. Unless it happens to be a roach. Then the answer is always the same–smote its ruin. Stomp it. Then burn it. Then stomp it again. Just for good measure stomp it again. And again. Then leave it there for a little while so it’s relatives can see what demise awaits them should they show their nasty little…. Let’s get back on track here, sister.

It was really hard to narrow down pictures to share. There were hundreds to sort through. I decided to limit them to just the past year. These are the ones that made the cut.

IMG_6689 IMG_6690IMG_6687 IMG_6691 IMG_6686 IMG_6688

Disclaimers: Of all these critters, only the black widow, the mole cricket, and the ants/larva met an unfortunate demise. My brother caught the black widow for us when we were visiting him. The robber fly was dead when we found it, and I just realized it is actually pictured twice, oops. I realize the moss isn’t a critter, nor is it anything we caught. But my son was fascinated by it, and it reminded him of “moss that looks like little stars” (The Salamander Room, Anne Mazer). We have caught salamanders before, but not in our yard, and not in the last year.

Catching these small critters is one of those special things Captain and I like to do together. We catch them, hold them, study them, and then release them. I love how Captain will get the field guide and begin researching whatever we found. He will draw pictures and journal about it. He will research and read about it, and ask to look it up online or go to the library. I.adore.him.

When he grows up, I am hoping he will become an entomologist. And if he goes to college to study entomology, I hope to be the copter parent that goes to college with him  that he will still enjoy sharing moments like these.

Did I mention that I adore him. He’s the cutest entomologist-in-training that I know.

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