Stealth vs Autism Mom

Autism moms: I know you know. I know you will get this. Amen?


Did you see what I did there? Not only did I hide my potato chips inside of a sandwich, I put a pickle on the plate, too.

Status: ninja  stealth  autism mom.

Don’t think that Handsome didn’t tantrum for chips though.  He got mad at me for ruining the chips by putting them near bread, sandwich meat, and a pickle.

So mad, in fact, that he threw these items at me.


No, not the chair, silly. He’s not a monster like that. He threw two tissues and a [clean] diaper at me.

Autism moms know the struggle. You want to eat chips with your sandwich but your kid with autism won’t eat his lunch if he sees the chips. You could wait it out for him to finish eating, but then that means you won’t get to eat your own lunch for another two hours. By then your sandwich bread is tough, the meat is nasty, and you ruined your appetite because you had KitKats and coffee while you waited.

I got to eat my sandwich AND my chips. Score for mommy. It’s the little things…

2 thoughts on “Stealth vs Autism Mom

    1. Oh that is the worst isn’t it? Getting him buckled in his seat and remembering something to have to go back in for. Almost always it’s remembering in the last minute that we forgot his headphones. Is it really that important to go back in for and start a tantrum? Yes, yes it always is. Thanks for stopping by today!


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