The Peace of Resistance

Handsome seeks a lot of sensory input throughout the day. He gets that input from things like walking on his toes, licking walls or windows, wearing headphones, bouncing on an exercise ball, and also pushing himself into tight positions.

One of our favorite sensory exercises is to crawl through a resistance tunnel. These things are about $100 (and up) online. Or you can make your own for less than $15. Since I’m a tightwad, I chose to make my own. Pretty simple. I’ll tell you more about how to make your own at the end of the post.

When the resistance tunnel comes out, everyone wants to play in it. Including the cat and the dog. Usually, the resistance tunnel brings a sense of peace and calm…but…


What happens when the 15 pound cat has crawled into the tunnel, and then the 120 pound puppy decides to follow him in? Hilarity happens. Wish I could have gotten more pictures of the hilarity, but you’ll just have to take my word on it.




Look at the peace that comes from the resistance tunnel!
The dog has been one of the best sensory tools ever.
The dog and cat are both in the tunnel now.
Dog pulls the tunnel just enough to see the cat inside.
Cat sees the dog and runs out of the other end.

Not pictured is the dog chasing the cat afterwards. Sorry no video of the chase or the raucous hissing.

So this time around, the resistance tunnel was not the peace of resistance. Maybe next time.

Until then, we have other options for sensory input.

The exercise ball on top of the dog cot is another favorite sensory exercise for Handsome.
“Hot dog” blanket rolling is one of his favorites, too.
Handsome wears his headphones most of the time. Love his joy.

And as promised, I will give you the simple instructions for making your own resistance tunnel. Listen carefully, so as not to get these steps confused.

  1. Buy 2-3 yards of unsplit knit fabric (will still be in tube shape, not cut down the middle to make one flat piece of fabric).
  2. Crawl through.

See, I told you the DIY was super easy! Be sure to do those in the order listed, you don’t want people in the store handing you a hot mess citation.

Enjoy crawling through, or watching your dog chase the cat through, whatever floats your boat.

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