Handsome has very few words that he can verbally express with clarity. He tries and he makes utterances for many things. But overall, he has very few “words” that he can speak. Of the handful of words that Handsome will try to verbally express, the word “want” comes out crystal clear.


For instance, “want” is repeated over and over as he shows me in a junk-bulk order magazine exactly what he wants. He’s pointing to a rabbit doll. Apparently I can buy it in bulk and he can have a bunch of rabbit dolls!


He has no problem telling me that he wants rice for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner.

And then, his wants are also clearly indicated when he chooses what he does not want.


As in, I don’t want to do this spelling work.

And then there’s this.


I should have known better than to try to give him lunch on a sesame seed bun, but it was all I had available. He made himself perfectly clear that he did not want the bun, but the crispy chicken that was between the bun was acceptable.

A picture is worth a thousand words. You don’t need to say words to be heard my sweet boy.

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