One Of Those Days

I love that motivational thing-y, you know, the one that says something about the half full/half empty glass and missing the point because the glass is refillable. Actually love is a strong word. It’s more of a love-hate relationship. Totally depends on my mood if I find that motivational poster to be helpful.

Ever have one of those days Don’t you just loathe those days when you wake up feeling crummy? You just know that the prospects of your day are not looking good, and you’re able to recognize this before your feet even get out of bed.

I’m talking about one of those days where you just want to tell someone to take their motivational “hang in there” cat poster and tell them blankety-blank-blank. {Censored for content, this is a faith-based blog after all, come on!}

This is what many of my days feel like:


You feelin’ me, here? I mean, how does that even happen? Seriously, y’all, what did you do to get the backpack string tangled into the slinky? How did it even get that bad? Where did we go wrong here? What was the first mistake? Obviously, something did not go according to plan.

No? How about this one? If the white paper represents my to-do list, then the paint represents me attempting to accomplish said to-do list. Or maybe, “How to get from point A to point B when you have [two kids with] autism [and one kid with dyslexia].”


If none of those, maybe one of these? Life just stinks right now.


Cramming too much into your day? Not enough hands or hours to accomplish what you need to do? Maybe feeling a little claustrophobic with all the stuff going on in your head?


What about just being denied or feeling rejected?


If you have ever a day that just feels like what any one of those pictures may depict, can I get an amen? I’m ready to pass around a collection plate. Testify?

How about a little encouragement, then, my sweet friend.


Whoops! Wrong one… Although that does help…


Prayer is the key. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, talk to God about what is breaking your heart, not about how He should bless you. But about how He can sustain you and use you where HE needs you.


It is so incredibly easy to let your circumstances control your emotions. The line between a check in the spirit by the Holy Spirit and the Devil stealing your joy can be painfully blurred. I’ve been battling something for weeks now (possibly months), that has me confused and unable to discern between the two. So I’m praying for God to fill me with wisdom so that I can accept it and move on, or do something about it and bring my heart into obedience as I align myself on God’s path.

Ironically, a friend of mine had recently reached out to me that she was struggling with feeling overwhelmed, and I replied to her with a few passages. As I reflect on those passages that God put on my heart for her, I realize that they were meant for me, too. Isn’t God amazing like that? Oh, the infinite wisdom…. {googly eyes, crushing on my Savior King right now, feeling warm and cozy and loved…}

“God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever” (Psalm 73:26).

“God has been gracious to me and I have all I need” (Genesis 33:11).

“I am your share and your inheritance” (Numbers 19:20).

Even though I am still struggling through this little war waging in my head, I am focusing my thoughts on knowing that regardless of anything else, I have God, and even if God is all I have left, I have enough. And you know what, God has this.


God can straighten out your biggest messes. Just like hard work and sticktoitiveness paid off in eventually separating the string from the slinky, prayer and diligence can help us straighten out the sin and mess in our lives. Nothing is too big for our God. After all, He is an AWESOME GOD. One final thought on this, God doesn’t expect you to straighten it all out on your own. Come to him first, and let him straighten out the tangles.

Praying that my readers will be blessed today.

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