Happy 9th birthday to my sweet Handsome boy.

I love you so much, I took you to the DMV for your birthday. Because your handicap parking placard expired on your birthday, and we did not notice until a couple of days before. Yes, I love you that much.
I love you so much, we would give you cookies instead of cake because you’re not a fan of cake. Even though the rest of us wait all year for a special cake with buttercream frosting, and we miss out because you’d rather have cookies. Yes, we love you that much. Did I mention that we really love cake?
I love you so much, I would love to let you have the tablet all day long, because I know you love the tablet. But because I love you so much, I cannot let you have the tablet. Because when you have the tablet, you’re not so lovable anymore. I love you enough to tell you no sometimes.
I love you so much.
I love how your eyes have so much to say, even if your words can’t come out.
60 DSC06864
I love how your smile and laughter are infectious and can fill a room.
48 DSC04025
I love how free-spirited you are. You pick your nose if you feel like it, and you don’t care what anyone else thinks.
When the mood strikes, you dance. Or jump. Or run.
When you’re happy, you’re flappy. Some call it stimming, I call it joy. Sometimes you’re just drunk on yeast.
I still love your hiccups. I have since I first felt them in my womb.
I love the gentleness of your hands.
I love how you have a special love with the dog that no one else has.
I love how you torment the cat.
I love the innocence in your eyes.
11 DSC07359
I love how you laugh when you bounce on the exercise ball.
I love how you balance and rotate small toys between your thumbs.
I love how pure your heart is.
I love your curiosity.
84 IMG_4154
I love the messes you make. Well, that’s just not true. You make a lot of messes.
I love your joy.
7 DSC00632
I love your confidence.
I love the little sounds you make.
I love your ingenuity.
10 DSC04785
I love your sweetness.
I love you baby boy.
8 DSC01538
I will always cherish these baby moments with you, the sweetest and most cuddliest baby. I remember saying, “Oh you are so sweet. I wish you could stay this sweet baby forever.”
Not a day goes by when I don’t relive those moments and eat those words.
2 DSC045514 DSC074345 DSC088035 DSC088636 DSC099277 DSC0065036 DSC05555DSC03674
So on your special day today, just know that you are loved. That whatever challenges you have given to us have been blessings that we could never have anticipated. The purity of your heart draws us closer to God. We love you sweet boy.
Happy birthday, past, present, and for all the future ones that we look forward to, as well.

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