Did You Say Artistic?

I’ve recently discovered that my Handsome likes to draw. Mind.Blown.


Here he is looking at the Bible timeline drawings and drawing them on his own. I’m impressed.

Check this out! Comparing the actual timeline with Handsome’s. Betcha can’t tell which is which. Am I right? Savant?


He did need a little bit of hand over hand assistance with a few things, but for the most part, he did this on his own.

I’ve known for some time that he enjoys painting.

IMG_7055 IMG_6886

Painting and the arts are actually quite therapeutic. The artist has obstacles and therapies to work through to do his art. Like crossing the midline, fine motor grasping, imitating, and if you look at his mouth in these pictures, he becomes quite vocal when he’s painting. Art can easily become a tactile, sensory exploration, as well as inducing speech or other verbal expression.

IMG_6446 IMG_5816


Ok, so maybe savant is a little inflated. Maybe something a little more pedestrian, like Picasso? Pollock? Matisse? 😉

There’s just not enough stick figure art. The world needs more stick-figure love.

I love my autistic artistic kid!

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