End Times

We’ve had quite a bit of crazy going on around here lately. My youngest son was sick for ten days with some abdominal issues. We’re on the mend now and finally getting that all cleared up.

I haven’t been able to write or do much of any importance lately.

In fact, I’ve been so busy, it’s looking pretty gloomy here at the house.

We don’t celebrate Halloween, fall festivals, trunk or treat, or any other variation of Halloween or non-Halloweeny-churchy events. We used to. But we don’t anymore. It’s just another day in the year for us. Do my kids miss dressing up with friends and getting bags full of candy they will never eat? Sure they do. Do I feel guilty about not letting them indulge in this activity? Not one bit.

So, having said that we don’t celebrate Halloween, one might question why we have decorated for it. Our house reeks of the end times with all the death and despair going on around here.

Let me show you poor dead thing numero uno.


Lemongrass plant. I’d love to say that it just died in the last week or so what with us being back and forth between emergency rooms and pediatrician and gastroenterologists visits…but that would just be an outright lie. This poor thing has been dead for a month, or possibly seven months. Same difference.


Dead GRASS, not dog. Grass is dead because of dog. But dog is not dead. Yet.


Cute little mums. Dying a slow-painful-horrific death. Even the fall hardy, never fail mums can’t survive my double brown thumbs. Yes, I did water it.

Even the botany experiments that my boys have been working on are not immune from the horrors of my cultivation skills. They started off with hope…


…but after a couple of wretched weeks in our care, the hope slowly faded away, like sands through the hour glass. Ve con Dios little botany experiments.



Seeds in a petri dish fared no better. Neither did seeds grown under different conditions. Oh, that reminds me, we have two more control bags sitting in a closet somewhere…


But I save the most horrid for last. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful orange, yellow, and purple flowers. The butterfly garden is a mess, completely unkempt. And the sweet potatoes have begun to literally choke the butterfly weed with their nasty little hobbitses tendrils. That, and the wasps have scared away all the monarchs. I’m sure when it’s time to pull these things up, something will reach out and attack me, pulling me down into the abysmal grave that awaits under the butterfly garden and sweet potatoes. IMG_8364

So even though we are not celebrating Halloween, it looks as though we have unintentionally and naturally decorated with doom and despair around here.

I knew I was busy these past couple of weeks, but I didn’t realize I was too busy to water the plants.

As I mourn the loss of these botany experiments and house plants, I think I should seek closure with a bag of M&Ms or Reece’s. Or circus peanuts. Or cotton candy. Or cheesecake.

End times indeed.

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