Play It Again, Beethoven

Heard any good songs lately?

Handsome loves to listen to music. He listens to a lot of music, and a decent variety of music…most of the time.

He enjoys Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, and Hezekiah Walker, like a good Christian boy. But he’s also been known to rock out to U2, Peter Gabriel, Ray Charles, and the B52s. Occasionally, he will be listening to audiobooks from Jim Weiss or Maestro Classics. But his favorite appears to be classical music. Not that he’s really into classical music and composers or anything like that. No, he’s just a big fan of Baby Einstein.

Big fan.

Just check out this play count on the iTunes playlist.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Old MacDonald Had A Farm set to classical music a solid 73 times in the last few hours.

So, have I heard any good songs lately? Nope. Just listening to the one song. Over. And over. And over. {eye twitching}

4 thoughts on “Play It Again, Beethoven

  1. That’s pretty funny. I bet you’ll be singing it when your head hits the pillow tonight. Kids’ songs have a creepy way of doing that to you! Laurie Berkner Band will never, ever, ever leave my brain. Never.


    1. Yes, he loves to listen to Jack Johnson, too. There was a time when he would repeat play one of those songs, too. He will repeat play the theme song to the PBS Curious George, too. None of the songs are all that bad, but when you’ve listened to them over a 1,000 times, it can begin to grate on your nerves.


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