Highs and Lows

The high was 58. The low was eating too many chicken nuggets.

I don’t like to make New Year’s resolutions. I’m pretty terrible at keeping them, so I just don’t make them. It works well for me, because then I can say I honestly did not break any of my resolutions. Success!

I do set “goals” for myself though. You know, all the usual ones:

  • Exercise
  • Better manage my time, budget, diet, [insert any other impossibility here]
  • Be nicer and less sarcastic
  • Read my Bible everyday
  • Stop yelling at my kids
  • Stop yelling at other peoples’ kids

And then I laugh at myself and set more attainable goals, like:

  • Focus more attention on my new business
  • Earn a paycheck every month, even if it is only a few dollars
  • Stop being a hot mess in the kitchen
  • Prepare more real meals at home (goes directly with the goal above)

Ok, so it is January 4th, and I’ve already messed up on those last two.


I started fixing lunch today. Thought I would make something quick and easy for the kiddies. I’ve temporarily got a fourth child right now, by the way {that’s a soapbox post for another day}. Ham and cheese crescents, a simple favorite. They are so simple, and pretty hard to mess up. I couldn’t figure out why after more than 20 minutes they were not done yet. They cook much faster when the oven is on. And yes, I actually looked into the oven after 15 minutes and reset the timer for an additional 5 minutes before I realized the oven was off.

While lunch was theoretically baking, I thought I would take advantage of the kitchen time and prep for dinner. We are having lasagna tonight and we always prefer a homemade sauce over a store bought sauce. I’m chopping up an onion for the lasagna, and my fingers, too. Ouch.


Oh, if that were the only tale to tell. I got the sauce prepped and in a large pot to cook. Had it simmering for a good 30 minutes. Again, in theory, it was simmering. It would have been simmering for 30 minutes if I had the correct burner on.

The nice thing about setting “goals” as opposed to resolutions, is that you can take all year to reach a goal. Resolutions feel like failures if you can’t keep up with them after the first month, or in my case, the first four days.

Set your goals low, and then you will be proud of yourself if you succeed. If you go beyond those goals, you’ll feel like an overachiever. However, if you’ve set low goals and you don’t reach them, well, then you might feel as successful as I am when I try to cook.

Happy New Year!


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