Soft As A Baby’s Bottom

So given the title, you might be able to guess where this one is going….

Handsome doesn’t have any words. He has utterances that have the inflection and the syllables of words, but he doesn’t have the words yet. However, he has absolutely no problem communicating his needs despite his vocabulary deficiency.

Any guesses what he’s telling me here?


I was at my computer trying to get some work done, and he comes and sits on my lap. Oooh, I can’t resist his cuddles. But almost immediately after he parked his caboose on my lap, I learned why he was suddenly wanting my attention. What’s that smell? Oh, it’s your diaper! Thanks for letting me know instead of smearing it somewhere. Those were my actual words, by the way.

He has no problem communicating his needs.

I made a DIY butt paste for him recently, and it’s working out great!


I modified a lip balm recipe. I wanted something that was firm enough to pour into a mold that would free my hands from the task, as well as something that was free of harsh chemicals. Win-win!! Hop on over to my other blog for the DIY if you’re interested.

Here are a few pictures of Handsome from yesterday. He was back in the hospital yesterday for out patient services. Tough day, but glad it’s over and all is well.

Thanks for sticking with us!

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