Myths About Autism

Today’s post is to help dispel some of the most common myths regarding autism. Myths about autism can be compared to leggings. Just as there are actually some people who believe leggings are pants {{even though clearly they are not}}, some people actually believe incorrect information about autism.

I am 10 years into my autism journey. I have two children with autism and a third that has always been borderline and (being the youngest) carries many learned tendencies. Each boy is on an opposite end of the spectrum. It hasn’t been an easy journey, and of course, it will be on-going for the rest of mine and my boys’ lives.

So without further ado, I give you the myths about leggings autism and the corresponding truths to dispel the myths.

  1. People with autism cannot speak. This is false. My oldest son with autism never shuts up.
  2. People with autism feel no emotion. This is false. My middle son with autism gets extremely emotional when I take the tablet away from him.
  3. People with autism are always angry. This is false. I’ve witnessed my middle son with autism reach a euphoric high when given gluten, potato chips, popcorn, french fries, or any other crunchy, fried, unhealthy carb food.
  4. People with autism cannot relate to others. This is false. My sons with autism are both related to me, to each other, and every other member of our family.
  5. People with autism cannot learn new things. This is false. I’ve witnessed my middle son with low functioning autism unlock his pediatrician’s cell phone and dial 911. {{Incidentally, when 911 receives a call from a pediatrician’s office, they respond quite quickly.}}
  6. People with autism don’t fit in. This is false. My sons with autism fit into all their clothes and shoes just fine. They also fit in doorways, vehicles, buildings, and restroom facilities.
  7. People with autism are weird. This is false. Everyone is weird, people with autism are not the exception. Actually, I believe everyone else is weird and people with autism are the ones that have it all figured out.

So there you have it folks. Just because you hear the masses agreeing on something, like leggings are pants people with autism are [insert random mythical thought here], doesn’t mean you have to believe it. A good rule of thumb that is true in every case of humanity, you can’t lump everyone into the same category. The best way to find out for yourself, is to reach out and become a champion to someone with autism or other special need.

IMG_3039.jpg   IMG_0917.jpg

I close with one final thought. In my life experiences, I have learned that the coin has two sides. There are also many truths that can be deemed as myths. But the only ones that come to mind at this moment are the existence of moose in Maine and affordable healthcare. I’ve searched for both, and have always come up empty.

Have a great day!


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