Score Mommy!

A while back I told you about starting Handsome on heart medication, and how he was highly motivated to take the medicine in exchange for tablet time. Taking medicine became easy for him, in fact, I was even able to cut back on the tablet reward. He would take the medicine in exchange for the iPod, a movie, or listening to his favorite music on the main house speaker, and eventually, receive no reward at all.

All was fine and dandy.

And then his high blood pressure regulated. At first we dropped down to taking the medicine once every other day. Then it was once every three days. And then it seemed like out of nowhere, we had gone over a month without needing the medicine. However, this did not stop Handsome from reaching into the fridge to set the medicine on the counter to let us know he wanted his tablet.

So while we are praising God that we do not need the blood pressure medication right now, it has put us into a predicament where he has fallen out of the routine of taking his medication. I was hoping to wean him off of the blood pressure meds and slowly replace it with a honey solution, since we use honey as the carrier for most of our homemade remedies.

Thankfully, in the last 5 or 6 weeks, there has not been a need to take any medicine, whether pharma or homeopathic. Until today.

Handsome woke up yesterday feeling a little cranky. He napped for 2 hours in the late afternoon, which is an indicator to me that he is not well, because he just does not nap. He also went to bed at his normal time and went right to sleep. Another indicator, because he just doesn’t fall asleep, he crashes. He woke up this morning with a cough and a runny nose. Ugh.

So I made a homemade cough syrup for him, knowing that I might have better odds at winning the lottery (that I have never played) than giving him this cough syrup made from honey and essential oils. Head over to my other blog for the recipe if you’re interested.


I poured the homemade cough syrup into an empty medicine bottle, and used his medicine syringe to dispense it. As you can see, I pulled out all the stops and offered him the tablet in exchange for taking a dose of cough syrup.


He even tried to up the ante by taking me to the bathroom and showing me that he was willing to use the potty for the tablet. Anything but take the kryptonite medicine. He made the face. He toyed with the syringe, pulling my hand close, then pushing it away. Until he finally took it and had a little tantrum.

But I’m happy to say, that after 1 hour and 20 minutes of trying, he finally took the medicine.


And all is right in his world again. Kryptonite did not bring him to utter annihilation. He will live to see another day.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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