I Don’t Get It

So this really happened.

Me: Wanna taco ’bout it?

Jr: About what?

Me: I don’t know, lettuce figure something out.

Jr: Figure what out?

Me: Talking is nacho strong suit, is it?

Jr: Suit?

Me: Sorry, I’m just jalapeno business today.

Jr: [[[crickets]]]

So I drew him a picture, thought maybe he could understand the play on words if he read it in a little comic strip.


He studied this for several minutes in silence. And then started laughing. So I asked him if he got it. His response:

Jr: I don’t get it.

So I proceeded to explain each section. And then I ask him again if he gets it. Final answer:

Jr: I think so. But why are they walking and talking?

I give up.

I once told a funny joke. Once. Oh, I might as well tell you since someone brought it up.

We used to lived in a predominantly Mennonite community, lots of sheep farms and live-off-the-land kind of folk. Driving along one day we saw a herd of sheep running down a hill. All I said was “sheep thrills.” It’s all I’ve got. Laugh with me.

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