Road Trip

I half-heartedly unplugged for a couple of weeks while the fam did a major road trip this month.

I debated taking my laptop so I could make notes of all the insane autism antics that were absolutely certain to play out. I mean, we spent 4300 miles in our little wagon crossing the country and back.

But alas, 4300 miles through 8 states, with autism times two, and three boys, and I don’t even have the first poo-incident to share with you. I’m so sorry for the disappointment, y’all. I was totally expecting another Armpit of Traveling scenario to share with you. But this time, only incredible memories and {{mostly}} happy moments.

What I do have are some wonderful milestones that we reached while on vacation this summer.

Maybe these look like just a bunch of random pictures of my kids. But they all have significance. In the pictures above, he’s standing with his brothers for a picture. I called his name for him to look at me, and he replied by signing “mommy.” We stopped for lunch at a place we had never been to before. The lemonade was pink and the fries were shoestring. Typically both of those would be completely avoided. He drank all of the pink lemonade and ate all of his food. He’s sitting in a little box. OK, not necessarily a developmental milestone there, but super cute. Also, it gives weight to my belief that secretly he is a cat. Two different museums, he’s engaged and not stimming with a tablet or music, but looking at displays in the museums.

Next up, he walked to this viewing spot. That may not seem like a very big deal. But there was a pretty steep incline to get here. Granted, we had to get the wheelchair out to come back down from this viewing spot and he required the wheelchair in the museum that we walked to from here. But he walked on an incline. And then hung around his brother without me needing to hold his hand. He climbed up on that rock and just hung out for a few minutes. The feet antlers–well, again, not really a milestone marker–but definitely a mainstay on our road trips that I magically grow a pair of smelly antlers. Last pic in the grouping, he’s standing with his brothers for a picture. AND SMILING!

He was full of laughs and giggles for a good part of the road trip. The infectious laughter that for years we have called being drunk on yeast. For this trip to Colorado, seems only appropriate that we should call it road trippin’ happy. Next picture, please notice again, no tablet or device. He’s looking at a sheet of stickers.

Welcome back to Florida…check out those temperatures. The boys’ travel magnet board is pretty full. As you can see, we really love going on road trips! The last picture, back at home…this deserves special recognition.

Handsome loves to play with little toys. A bunch of little toys. All at once. Little faces and little bodies that he can line up and stim with. For months I have been trying to show him that when he wants to carry a bunch of little things, he can either put them in something else to carry, or he can pull up his shirt and make a little basket. I noticed this morning that he was attempting to carry his little toys in his shirt like I’ve shown him.

Again, taking a family picture and calling his name so he will look, he gives the sign for “mommy” after I call his name. {{Yes, I know that is not an accurate sign for mommy, but when there are dexterity delays, you take what you get.}} Hanging out in the grass while the rest of us finish up in a museum. Hello brand new sensory input…laying on grass? Really? Who is this kid?? And another road trippin’ happy picture because, well, because he’s got a great smile and a laugh that is contagious.

Want to know something else. We purposely left his tablets at home. Only once did I offer him an iPod, but if you can believe this, he refused it.

Nothing huge. Nothing spectacular. But still everything and so much more.

Thanks for stopping by today. I’ll try harder to find something sarcastic, punchy, offensive, or at least poopy for next time.

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