That Time When I Ugly Cried

In my last post, I shared how Handsome started counting using words that were actually understandable. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched and listened to that video in the hours that he is sleeping less chatty. Waterworks every time.

Sunday, we went out to eat after church. Handsome started using his left hand to assist his right hand in eating. This is pretty awesome! He’s never done that before. We worked for years on learning how to use a spoon (6-7 years) before he mastered that. Since then, we have been working on scooping food with the spoon, eating food off of a fork, and stabbing food with a fork. Still working on all of those skills. He’s gotten pretty good about scooping food onto his spoon. But oftentimes, the food falls off of the plate or out of the bowl. But this time, he used his left fingers to push food onto the spoon. Let’s see…he used both hands to work together to accomplish a single goal AND he touched the food with his hand.


But wait, there’s more! Since posting the counting video, Handsome started saying my name. Queue epic proportions of emotional flooding.

Ok, friends, there’s still more. Tonight, he sat in my lap as I was scrolling though some stuff, and we watched the video of him saying my name. He kept repeating it. Then we moved on to watch the video of him counting, and he was so happy. The hubs took a little video clip of how happy he was listening to and watching himself.

But it’s so overwhelming for me. I couldn’t hold back the ugly cry.


Y’all, I am so overjoyed at finally hearing my Handsome boy’s voice, my heart swells up and it leaks out of my eyes.

I need to invest in a tissue company.

Thank you for letting me share, for the “likes,” for all of the love we have received on both the blog and personal Facebook pages, for our friends who rejoice with us, and for all the happy tears, too.

I don’t know if the day will ever come when I will feel the need to shush him when he talks, but I know for certain that day is not today.

Heading out for more tissues. Thanks again for taking the time to listen to my boy.

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