Screaming Autism

Yay, we have internet and wi-fi again! Spotty, but we can get online.

I’ve had a couple of days to catch my breath. I don’t think I can even go into vague details without causing myself to go into some sort of relapse or regression of some sort.

Well, in case you missed it…we moved from Florida to Northern Virginia. It was an intense whirlwind. As my sister likes to call us, MAYHEM. Yes, we are Mayhem.

Our boys are adjusting exactly as we anticipated. Overall, we have adjusted well. We did downsize from a 3600 square foot home into a 1300 square foot apartment. Unfortunately, the only availability for a 3 bedroom apartment when we needed it is on the 3rd floor. So that’s tough. Handsome struggles with 3 flights of stairs. Even the dog, who I swear has autism, too, has adjusted well. The 120-pound beast has learned he must walk at the pace of his humans when descending or ascending the stairs. Those first few days were not fun. Especially since we arrived during a little winter storm and there was snow and ice on our first few days here. Did I mention how that was “not fun”?

Did I also mention we were from Florida? Where we had 20 varieties of flip flops, but not winter shoes, much less coats and hats? Fun times.

Anywho…I’ll finally get to the screaming autism part. As I’m sure you just know, some days are better than others. And other days, the autism just screams off of the page. So I mentioned that we are on the 3rd floor. Yeah. Sorry about that neighbors below us. I have a 90 pound autistic kid that likes to jump. And flop around on the floor. And run. And stomp. And that thinks the sofa is a trampoline. Yeah, again…sorry about that neighbors below us.

Our autism was showing that day.

But overall, everyone has done remarkably better than I could have imagined.  Here are a few more pictures that highlight our last month. You can follow me on Instagram where I post more frequently if you’d like.

As you can tell from a couple of the pictures, we were packed to the gills on the drive up. In filling up boxes of necessities, sometimes random things get placed in them to fill in space. Hence the megaphone and glass lid for the cake stand (minus the stand mind you). My sister gave me the cute emoji pancake pan for Christmas, so that served us well as both a pancake pan and our makeshift toaster. Monster the cat wanted to make sure he did not get left behind. We have more stuff in our garage than we do our apartment. Out of 9 bookcases, I was limited to bringing only enough books to fill 3 half-size bookcases. I visualized that almost perfectly!

We are finally unpacked and yesterday we started doing life that somewhat resembles a normal routine. Hubs started his new job and the boys and I started homeschool. We are still peeling movers inventory stickers off of our stuff and trying to remember where the measuring cups are. Learning how to scoot dining chairs on carpet and how to share bathrooms. Trying to teach absent-minded puppy with autism that he needs to hurry up and potty because it’s cold outsi–squirrel! What an adventure.

Our house is for sale, so if you’re in the market for a 7 bedroom house in Florida, well, I know where there’s an awesome one ready for the next family. We pray daily for the next family who will live there. We’ve picked out our next home and are anxious to see if that’ll work out in our favor.

Thanks for stopping by, letting our autism scream at you for a bit, and for patiently waiting as we figure out life.

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