A Whole New Level Of Stimulation

Sometimes I amaze myself. Other times I am looking for my phone while I’m holding it. Sometimes I come up with super clever ideas to pass the time, like that one time I gave Handsome some water colors. Other times, I immediately regret the can I opened, like the time when we discovered the animation feature on my phone.

I came upon it accidentally and I had no idea how to duplicate the animation. Since learning how to do it, I’ve kinda become obsessed. And then I had to go and show Handsome. And we took over-stimulation to a whole new level.


Enjoy these little animation clips that I helped Handsome make of the toys he likes to stim with all day long. I’m going to go and sit in the corner and hang my head in regret while hoping I don’t initiate any seizures.


Housing situation update: Florida house is closing in 1 week. We close on our Virginia home in just over 2 weeks. Super excited, yet overwhelmed at the thought of packing up and moving again. Forty minutes away is not so bad though right? It’s not like five states or anything. We are in a 3rd floor apartment though, moving into a 4-story house. Should be easy. And quick.

Don’t hate me for the gifs. It’s my “gif” to you. Ha! Get it? I shall go now.

I’m sorry, I just can’t leave like this. How ’bout now?


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