Just A House

Today was an emotional day for me. Our house in Florida closed this afternoon. I am torn between the sadness of the finality of that house and the excitement of our new house that we will close on in about a week.

Soon a new family will call our old home their own. They will eventually paint over the measured heights in the doorway that I could not bring myself to paint over before we moved away. They will paint over the purple sharpie drawing of Handsome’s happy sun on a white door. They will have their own arguments and make their own love and write their own stories. They will bring their own routines and traditions. They will cook their favorite meals and watch their favorite movies. They will dream and plan and study. They will live. And we will move on.




In the midst of selling and buying houses, life and homeschool still go on. I’m happy to report that in spite of the stress of these last few weeks, Handsome did something new. He enjoyed a trip to the library. First.Time.Ever. He did not yell. He did not tantrum for a tablet. He looked at books. And he found two Baby Einstein videos and because he was so happy about it, we let him check out the DVDs. {{We had to take them away by the end of the day because he was driving us nuts with them, but that’s beside the point.}}

He has also started drawing with a pencil lately. Also started sitting in a laundry basket again. And even listening to Dad read to the big boys at night.

Anyways…we are hoping life returns to normal for us. The normal things…like getting to play outside. And not carrying groceries, cat litter, and 40 pound bags of dog food up three flights of stairs. Just normal. Our brand of normal. Which really isn’t all that normal.

By this time next week, the emotional tears of today will be replaced with happiness as we take the keys to our new house. And thus will begin a new chapter in our lives as we turn a 30 year old “new to us” house into our home.



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