New Things

We’ve had some really neat things happening around here. We finally got back into homeschooling. I say that like it’s been forever. But we only took 2 weeks off to move. Our initial move from FL to VA happened over our Christmas break, and we only took 2 weeks off then, too. So now that our extended spring break is over, we are back at it full force.

Handsome continues to amaze me with all that he is learning and enjoying. We are still hoping that his sleep will regulate back to “normal” soon. The hubs and I decided if he is still out of sorts by the end of this week, we will begin his sleep therapy program again.

I posted this picture of Handsome last week. He was up around 4 am that day and going strong. Keeping himself occupied….


But check out what else this guy is doing lately…


After taking a 2 week spring break, we started back up with a new mini unit. I wasn’t sure how he would handle that. We have been on Brown Bear, Brown Bear since August. I’ll let the picture speak for itself.


As we are beginning to prepare our yard for gardens and chickens, I’m hoping that Handsome will enjoy the chickens. He loves all things farm animals, so I’m really hoping he embraces real chickens once we get them. We may get a couple of goats, too. It’ll be interesting to see how he responds to either. We get a fence estimate this week and hope we can get started on building our gardens in the next weekend or two. Once the fence is up though, I can’t wait to see Handsome playing around the gardens.

In the meantime, he is limited to enjoying only the deck and yard if a parent is with him exclusively. He scared the poop out of me last week. He disappeared on me. There are lots of places where he can be in the house, so it can take a while to find him. He was easy to find. But it still scared me. He had let himself outside. Fortunately, he was only on the deck right by his bedroom. His bedroom has an exterior door to the deck. Up to that point, he had not shown any interest in being outside, so we weren’t as on top of it as we should have been. We had the extra locks, just had not installed them. They’re installed on all the patio doors now.


Certainly not the most aggressive child-proofing, but complicated enough that he shouldn’t be able to figure out how to unlock it for a while.

A few days ago, we had a really warm day. We have been so busy with unpacking, organizing, working on small projects, and cleaning, that we had not been taking time to rest well. The unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon forced us to change that. The two boys discovered helicopter seeds and started racing them from the deck. Handsome decided to join in. I cannot tell you how much I love that. I also love seeing how gently the two brothers help him learn and play.

Handsome was having so much fun with this. After he had found all of the helicopter seeds on the deck, he was getting upset that he had run out of helicopters. So Captain, being the sweet little “big” brother that he is, went off the deck to pick up a bunch more for him.

I also love how the brothers encourage Handsome to count and use words in his playing. My heart is full.

Finally, Handsome enjoyed a few minutes of hanging out by the fire a few nights ago. In between a couple of days that reached into the 70s, we had a day that didn’t get out of the 40s. I just love that he sat with us by the fire. After this picture was taken, he curled up with me on the sofa and we watched the fire for a few minutes. Then he tried to fall asleep on me and got mad at me when I suggested we go brush teeth and get ready for bed.


No new adventures in poop to share this week, just an uneventful day that required only 2 extra laundry loads, but that’s nothing. I guess there’s always next week. Thanks for stopping by today and learning about all the new things Handsome has learned this week!

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