Not All Who Wander, Part 2

So I thought I’d give a little update about the wandering situation. I started to just update the Facebook page, but it ended up getting too wordy.
A few days before the lawn ornament incident, Handsome threw a tantrum in the driveway when Captain interfered with a wandering incident. No doubt, on his way to the lawn ornaments!  
So if you missed the first part of this story, you can read about it here.
We met the neighbor’s yesterday afternoon. Let’s just all collectively say this together: awkward. They are in their 80s, and the Mrs. has some form of dementia…possibly autism. She loves, and I mean she LOVES her lawn ornaments. Like, they all have names. She told me 8 times about a time when someone parked on the street near her ornaments, and she watched them for several hours because she thought they were going to steal all her lawn ornaments. I couldn’t tell if the story was from last week or from twenty years ago.
She also told me how they spent about 8 hours giving all their lawn ornaments a bath to clean them up after the winter season. They do that every spring. But this time several needed new coats of paint, so they also had to repaint them.
I apologized to her if my son was in their yard and was playing with the lawn ornaments. She said she did not remember it if he did. Even though we saw her near him when he was in their yard. I tried to explain to them about Handsome’s special needs. And the only response I got from her was, “Well, I don’t mind if he comes up and looks at them. But he don’t need to be in my yard and I don’t want him stealing them.” And that would begin the story again about the car parked in front of her house for three hours. Also, fascinating tidbit of information here…apparently people come from all over to admire her lawn ornaments. They stop and take pictures. And plot to steal them.
I mentioned that if they ever saw him up there alone, that it was dangerous for him and we would appreciate it if they would either help him walk back to us, or keep him with her until we got up the driveway. Blank stare and awkward pause. Then she also told me four times that she never had children, because she just doesn’t like them. Well okay then.
I took a little video clip of the distance he wandered. I had to speed it up, because it took me about 2 minutes at a brisk pace to walk up the driveway. I don’t have deformed ankles and toes slowing me down like my boy does. Anyways, I stopped the video before getting much of the neighbor’s yard. I didn’t want them to see me taking pictures of their place. I promise one day, I’ll entertain you with a great picture of her lawn ornaments. 
Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for today. I really hope and pray my Handsome boy doesn’t rearrange her beloved lawn ornaments again. I’m pretty sure they are all statues of children who’ve gone missing because they got too close to their lawn ornaments. Also, I need to go make some new “No” picture exchange cards that say “don’t touch Kissy” and “don’t touch Mr. Frog.”

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