Chick Magnet

Yep. You guessed it. We got our baby chicks. Originally, we left the store with 8 chicks–two each of four different breeds. Several days later when we went back to the store for more feed, we ended up leaving with two more. So we’re up to 10 chicks now! Honestly, this is our first time having chickens. I totally expected half of them to not survive to this point…which is why we started with so many!

Meet Nebucadnezzar, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Strider, Hay Hay, Benipe, Hope, Charlotte, and Marge. Despite the names, they are all pullets.


By the way, those are ping pong balls in the brooder. My youngest son wanted to give them some toys to play with and this is what we came up with. One of them kept trying to sit on them. Amazing how instinctively they behave!

We’ve had them for almost 3 weeks now. They’ve grown really fast! From tiny-little-cotton-ball-fluffs-of-silky-soft-down to awkward-gangly-partially-feathered-and-losing-their-adorable-downy-cuteness. But they are still really cute. And we are smitten.

So far, Handsome hasn’t shown much interest in them, however, he is still drawing chickens and he does like to count them. My youngest son is quite the chick magnet though. He is the chick whisperer. Here he is holding a few of them that were okay with being on their backs, two of them fell asleep.

The girls are close to being ready to moving outside permanently. They don’t quite have all of their feathers yet, so we will keep them in at nights a little longer. Plus, our fence dude won’t be here for a couple more weeks. So even though we have the coop set up and in place, there is no fencing yet, other than temporary fencing. That won’t keep the coyote, foxes, neighbor’s dogs, cats, or raccoons or the bear! out. {We recently found the bear tracks in our creek. Can you say YIKES!} So hopefully within the next couple of weeks, they will be departing from the inside of our house. Love them. But they’re loud. And they poop. A lot. In case y’all didn’t know, I have a PhD in BMS (bowel movement studies).

The dog and cats don’t seem to mind them, either. Levi seems to be doing a pretty good job of staying close to them. I’m not sure if he realizes he will be permanently booted outside once the fence is complete, too.

So, how has Handsome handled the chicks? Aside from occasionally wanting to count them, both 1-10 and then 10-1 blast off, he has thrown some sprouted wheat berries at them.

I was measuring out a small handful of sprouted berries into my hand when Handsome surfaced looking for a snack. He looked at my hand and ran away. He screamed at me when I followed after him. He was ready to go down kicking and screaming and he was not about to eat those things. He kills me. I brought him around to the chick brooder and we started putting one sprouted berry at a time into the brooder for the chicks. They go nuts when it’s snack time. After he dropped several in and realized that I wasn’t going to make him eat them, I put them all in his hand. He was okay with that for 1.2 nano-seconds before they ended up on the floor. Notice he’s picking them off the floor and giving them to the chicks. He did seem to feel bad that he dropped their food and attempted –half-attempted– to clean up the mess. He left most of it for me. The girls were pretty happy though.


Back to the PhD in Poo. That’s not poo on my sleeve by the way. Just water. Water from showering Handsome the other day. Three showers actually. Due to three diaper blowouts. It was my lucky day though. ONLY three extra loads of laundry that day. Anyways, the wet sleeves, and not pictured, the wet socks, are just minor battle scars in the daily life with autism. I decided against sharing the picture of the poo. You’re welcome.

Remember when he took a nap a couple months ago? Yeah, we’re still dealing with that. Brat.


This was yesterday around 3 in the afternoon. He was super comfy on my bed. I so wanted to curl up with him and take a nap, too. But, I had to adult. Brat.


This was later that same day. I had just finished rubbing his sleepy blend of oils on his feet and spine. He kept pulling my hand to his nose and mouth. Isn’t he adorable? Sure, but his butt needs to go to sleep. At night. Brat.


Wouldn’t it be awesome to get to take a nap like this? Seems like everyone gets to nap in my room but me! Brat.

Final thought for this week. I found chocolate Easter bunnies on clearance for 25 cents each, so I picked up one for each of us. Handsome did not hesitate one bit. By the way, he’s shoving the whole thing in his mouth. I had to go in there and pull it out and then remind him to take bites. He refused to eat the colorful pieces. If it weren’t covered in his spit, I’d have eaten it. Brat.

So that’s the latest going on around here. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend.

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