Wonder Wander

Ding dong. The fence is done. The fence is done.

Admit it, you sang that like the Munchkins from Wizard of Oz, didn’t you? No? Just me?

Several things to celebrate with the completed fence.

  1. The chickens have been evicted from the house and are now permanently in their coop.
  2. The dog has been evicted from the house and is now permanently living outside where he will stay on duty 24/7 to guard the chickens.
  3. There is a barrier from all manner of predators, whether the coyote after my chickens, or the deer after my apple trees.
  4. There is a contained area for Handsome to freely roam while we are in the garden.
The fenced in side yard

Seeing my boy happy in this space is absolutely priceless to me. It makes the cost of having the fencing done professionally so worth every single penny. Let’s just say that the cost of everything pictured in that space can be counted as $OU.CH.

But look at Handsome…

He ran around, hopped, and laughed for a solid 40 minutes before he sat down. You wouldn’t know that our morning started off less than fantastic with an extra three loads of laundry and a poopy shower. {{What? Did you think I didn’t have anything to say about poop today?}}

He smiled for a picture. The rest of us were enjoying an afternoon latte in our new favorite space.


After the coffee break, I decided to get some supplies and see if I could finish the shingles on the dog house. As I walked away, this is what I saw…


He was pitiful standing there yelling at me as I walked away. Eventually he opened the gate and wandered out after me and getting happy boy back inside the gate with his happy hops and happy sounds was a challenge. But he did go back into the gated area with me and I got about halfway done with the shingles.


I’d like to say I stopped working on the shingles because Handsome needed my attention. But the truth is, I couldn’t reach the center of the roof to continue. Yes, I’m that short.

There was also another incident that is definitely blog worthy. Actually, two blog-worthy incidents.

So, as I was working on the shingles, Handsome became very curious about what I was doing. He kept watching me and wondering what I was doing.


I decided to give him the hammer to see what he would do.


He melts my heart.

I mean seriously…this boy really knows how to pull on my heart. I.love.him.

So anyways, I kept on working after this. Eventually Handsome got tired of hanging out in the garden with us all, and he opened the gate. Captain fussed at him and told him no and closed the gate. Handsome screamed. As he screamed, I looked up at the boys. A couple hundred yards past them, the shadowy movement of something very large caught my eye. The land is densely wooded and so I had a very difficult time focusing on what I saw. It was large and it moved quickly at the sound of Handsome’s scream. Well, at that point, I decided that we would give whatever that was plenty of time to skeedattle outta the area, and I collected my 3 kiddos and it was time to go inside for a little while.

So, not only did Handsome wonder about the hammer and give it a go, he also saved us from uncertain death from large mysterious creature in the woods. I’m sure it was nothing. But in my worst-case-scenario-prepper-we-will-survive mindset, it was a rabid 10,000 pound chupacabra. I suppose it could have been a deer. Or the bear.

Anyways, just to be safe rather than sorry, the boys and I went in the house for a little while.

Changing gears, look at how big our chickens are getting!

Finally, I just want to leave you with happy sounds from happy Handsome.

Thanks for stopping by. Be encouraged today.

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