Gnome More Roaming

So I had this brilliant idea.

A while back I told you about Handsome wandering away from the house so he could rearrange the neighbor’s lawn ornaments, and how she was none too happy about that, and how that conversation with her was really awkward. (Part 1 and Part 2)

Anyways…I started shopping around for lawn ornaments. I thought since we have the garden fenced in now, Handsome has a safe place to play and he can’t wander away, why not put some lawn ornaments back there and he can rearrange them all he wants? Brilliant! Right?

Except…well…number 1, they are heavy, and number 2, they are expensive. At least the ones I found. Like 20+ pounds and 40+ dollars. Um…can I see what’s behind door number 2 please?

Not so brilliant.

But then I had an even more brilliant idea. I could find miniature garden ornaments! So I ordered a couple of sets of those on Amazon. One was a set of 89 pieces. I thought, woah, that’s probably all he will ever need!

So I’m really not so sure what exactly I had in mind when I saw that they were miniature, but I guess I didn’t think that miniature. At any rate, I had ordered him 2 or 3 little sets, so he had quite a few more than 89 pieces.

I wanted to be sure that these are only going to be outside in the garden play things. The last thing I want is for these miniatures to become the next level of stepping on a Lego kind of torture that I only locate in the middle of the night. So I also picked up a flat planting tray to hold them all and they will reside in the garden only.

But would Handsome like them?

When it was time to come inside because it was getting cold out, he yelled at me. He was not happy about leaving these behind.

This morning he just so happened to walk by as I was putting my boots on to go outside. The next thing I know, he’s holding a pair of socks and boots up to me. So I spend the next 15 minutes trying to help him put on rubber boots. He doesn’t understand not to point his toe and getting boots on him is a serious workout. But we finally got them on. And we pulled out the tray. And he was happy.

And he was happy.

Like seriously happy. Happy for the next 6 hours! He sat and played in the garden for SIX hours today playing with these things. In the meantime, Tamer and I were able to dig 200 feet of ditches. No joke.

Yes, we spent Mother’s Day digging ditches. And it was glorious. I loved it!

And when Handsome got a little tired, he went and rested on the dog’s bed. In the doghouse.


And at the end of the day, little reminders of where he has been show up.

I heart his line of miniature mushrooms. Not quite as much as I.Heart.Him.

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