Buy Now With One Click

Did you smell that? No, not that. Although, I do understand why you would think that. It’s the smell of fear.

Handsome has learned how to launch Amazon. He’s also managed to learn how to search for the things he wants, how to add them to the shopping cart, how to launch the credit card offer, and how to begin the check out process.

Sweet Jesus had my back though. For whatever reason, the 1-click ordering had been disabled. (Normally, it is not disabled.) Otherwise, the “Buy Now With 1-Click” would have been an expensive lesson for me to learn.

Mental note: permanently disable “1-Click Ordering” feature on Amazon.

Mental note: set new life goals…try to remember Amazon pass code.


By the way, notice underneath the checkout button? The decals? Yeah, I have no idea how or why he was looking at those. But they are there because he had put this one in the cart…



I love him. I’m absolutely certain in his mind he is thinking how those stickers need to be rearranged because they are not in the right order.

As much as I love the boy, I did not let him process $134 worth of Amazon-binging.

However, in his absolute adorableness and sweetest voice ever, he did ask me with words and with signs “wan, heeze” {want please} with each of these three items. You’re darn tootin’ I will buy those for him.

This may turn into one of those major regrets, but the hubs and I have been known in the past to tell him, “if you ask for it, I will get it for you.”


Other celebrations today…we went grocery shopping sans tablet. He was a royal pain in the backside and I regretted that I had decided not to bring it. Especially by the time we passed the 4th crying baby in the grocery store. I’m sure we were a sight…Captain pushing the shopping cart behind me, while I’m walking behind Handsome pressing his headphones tighter to his ears with each crying kiddo we passed by.

And just to wrap that up with a pretty bow, the impeccable timing of a firetruck driving right by us as soon as we walked out of the store…yeah, fun times. No sirens {Hallelujah, praise the Lord, pass around the collection plate}. But Handsome has seen/heard enough of them to make a visual association with big red truck = overwhelming loud noises.

Also, today…no extra laundry and no poopy incidents.

Aw nuts. I probably shouldn’t have said that.

Handsome: “Challenge accepted. The day’s not over yet.”



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