Well This Stinks

Remember yesterday? At the end of my post, when I sinned with gloating about no poopy incidents and no extra laundry, and then regretted that immediately afterwards? Yeah…

Let’s just recap real quick…

Also, today…no extra laundry and no poopy incidents.

Aw nuts. I probably shouldn’t have said that.

Handsome: “Challenge accepted. The day’s not over yet.”

Ahem…I started the 3rd load of laundry around 10 this morning. And Handsome has had two showers so far today.


Completely unrelated, because you know, my life is surrounded by smelly things…


Apparently, my life is made of poo. As if I don’t have enough poopers, I literally go out and buy more poo.

Will leave you with this true story. Yesterday, not 20 seconds after leaving the garden nursery, I got panicked because I smelled the intense, horrendous aroma of poo from the back seat. I had just yelled back to my kids that I was pulling into the Wawa so I could go change Handsome’s diaper, when Captain reminded me that I had 100 pounds of cow dung in the back of the wagon. Oh yeah. Such is my lot in life. My life is made of poo.

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