Sometimes we say some crazy stuff around here. These are actual conversations between the hubs and I in one typical day.

Me: I love it when I walk upstairs and find pooplets on the floor.

Him: I saw one the other day on the stairs. Just wipe and move on. Regular stuff for us.

Me: When I called him to come downstairs to change, I heard these plop out onto the floor. My life is poo.

Him: Embrace it.

Me: You’re such an encourager.

A little later on:

Me: PW just asked if he could have some petroleum essential oil.


Same day, different conversation:

Me: I don’t want to go anywhere tomorrow. {insert whining face emoji here}

Him: Then don’t. He will be ok.

[BTW, he has an appointment at a hospital in Philadelphia tomorrow.]

Me: He needs to go. I just don’t like going anywhere. I don’t like driving. Especially don’t like driving in places like DC, Baltimore, the entire state of Delaware, and Philadelphia. I just want to stay home and eat snacks and play with my kids and chickens all day.

Him: Amen. Me too.

Me: Boys’ toilet is stopped up again. My life is poo.

Him: Aw nuts.



Me: Thought I’d check out the log cabin steak and seafood restaurant we pass on our way to church. $40 steaks! Mostly seafood on the menu though. Two words. Other steakhouse options that came up in a local search are Chili’s and Outback. {insert green puke face emoji}

Him: Golden Corral sounds good. Or a Chinese buffet.

[BTW, being totally sarcastic about that…our eldest wants a surf and turf birthday dinner. What a punk.]

But wait, there’s more…

Me: Nathan’s hotdogs just had a massive recall.

Him: I saw. Like 200k pounds.

Me: I love it when meat gets recalled, it goes back a ridiculous amount of time. Who buys meat and doesn’t eat it for 6 months?

Him: We need to stop buying meat. Fat chance.

Me: Just junky meat.

Him: But that’s the best kind.

We seem to talk a lot about food. And poop.

Him: Am I the only one craving fried food?

Me: I’ll start on dinner. It won’t be fried.

And I’ll leave you with one last conversation:

Me: Ugh, I should have bought the one book for A yesterday. It was $4.96 yesterday. Today it is $14.69!

Him: Ugh. He’s getting a PS4 anyways, so it doesn’t matter. {laughing emoji}

Me: Uh, no he’s not! He can’t get it for his birthday.

Him: That’s right. He’s getting it for me for father’s day.


We are a riot, a real hoot. If you looked up hilarity in the dictionary, you’d find us. Yes, us, just like this:


Stay tuned. Just me and the Handsome boy are road-trippin’ tomorrow. I may have something deep and insightful about our trip to Philly-yo. But I’m already tired tomorrow. Did I mention how I don’t want to drive through DC, Baltimore, Delaware, and Philadelphia?

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