Road Trip

By the grace of God and by the power of Gray Skull, I survived the road trip to Philadelphia with the Handsome boy.

If you ever want to know what torture is like, try spending 9 hours in the car with this on repeat. I repeat, nine hours. That is NINE.HOURS. of the Wiggles on repeat.


Oh, and then there’s this…


You know, because I’m only driving on the interstate and he’s yelling at me because he can’t reach into the open bag to eat his goldfish. Not pictured is the cup he put at my elbow because he wanted to goldfish poured into the cup. I realize the hypocrisy in my tone here, that I was bothered to pour his goldfish into the cup but I was able to take a picture of his highness demanding goldfish be poured into his royal cup.

So after a relatively easy drive up to Philadelphia, which only took 4 hours, we arrived at our hotel. Handsome was a true gentleman and held my hand while I carried all the stuff in.

Of course when we got into our room, the TV was on with a welcome message for us. And the remote was easy to see, right there on top of the desk in front of the TV. Sounds like a nice welcome. Except Handsome has autism and when we stay in hotels, we have to hide the TV remotes and pray that the TV never comes on. This is how far into the room we got before he was harassing me to change the channel. At that point, we were committed to leaving the TV on. Lucky me, there’s a button for Netflix right smack dab in the middle of the remote. I mean, were they trying to sabotage my night?


We went to dinner at 4 pm, but we did not have blue hair so we did not get the early dinner special. That’s ok though. I ordered the worst nachos in the world. How do you mess up nachos? Handsome didn’t eat either. So we went back to the hotel that happened to have an open coffee shop. This ended up being a true blessing. It’s not that I have a problem with coffee. I have a problem without coffee.

Again, Handsome was a gentleman and screamed at the girl behind the counter while we waited for my latte. She was really sweet to him, despite how rudely he screamed at her. I mean, I really wanted my coffee, too, but I didn’t think she deserved to be yelled at. Besides, I got it free. Traveling perks from when the hubs traveled the global circuit for a couple of years. So we left the coffee shop and I stopped at the convenience counter at the front desk to buy Handsome some milk for later. They were out of milk. So I had to go back to the coffee shop and politely ask the girl my kid screamed at if she could sell me any milk. She was kind enough to pour us a tall glass of milk.

So, as the evening progressed, Handsome found the squeaky chair. I can’t make this stuff up.

He squeaked that chair for the rest of the evening. He sat in it and spun around. He sat in it and scooted it from one end of the room to the other. He sat in it and propped his feet up on the bed and twisted the chair ever so slightly enough to make it squeak.


And when there were no more cartoons, we discovered Family Feud. Handsome boy LOVED game shows. He would cheer whenever the audience clapped, he would laugh when the contestants were happy. And then there was the bonus round count down.

There was lots of hopping… I’m sure the room below us loved that. We were on the 6th floor.

Also dancing…

And then there was the spinning…

He finally settled down enough where I got him into pajamas and laying in bed. Notice it’s after 10 pm.


He took a 4 hour nap.

And then there was the events of today. Handsome let me carry all the stuff again. It was 30 minutes of white knuckle driving through downtown Philly to get to the hospital. The directions had me arriving with the hospital on my left. The letter from the hospital specifically said I wouldn’t be able to turn left into the hospital parking. So the directions they gave to solve that, were: when the hospital is on your left, turn right, at the stop sign, turn left, then turn left at the next stop sign, then turn left at the light and the hospital will be on your right. Crystal clear. We got there. I had broken out in a sweat, shaved two years off my life, and added a few more grays to my hair, but we got there.


The boy saw his new doctor and got fitted for his new orthotics today. After several hours, it was time to come home. That put us leaving Philly at about 1 pm, just in time to reach DC at quitting time. Awesomesauce. And we get to go back in EIGHT WEEKS to pick up the new orthotics. He will outgrow them before they’re ready!

I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart…where?

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I really don’t like driving through DC, Baltimore, Delaware, and Philly. I could have just ended it with “I don’t like driving.”

Anywho, back home, tired, and a little bit stronger for surviving my first road trip with just the Handsome boy. By the power of Gray Skull, I mean, by the grace of God.

Thanks for tagging along.


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