Autism With a Side of Snot

Someone around here has a small issue with excessive drainage.


A few days ago, he was dripping like crazy.

Now he’s just crusty.


His nose and lip are crusted and chapped. It would have healed much quicker, except he likes to use rough surfaces to wipe his nose. He wipes his nose on just about anything, anything but tissues, that is. I’m sure we will all start getting little cuts from the dried snot all around the house.

On top of that, the lower left side of Handsome’s face is drooping again. Sigh…


Two days ago I was having one of those moments. You know, the kind that makes you feel guilty afterwards. The kind that when your child speaks, you are immediately humbled. You know? Ok, fine, I was angry the other day and I got snappy with my kids.

The boys had just asked me what extra chores they could do around the house to earn a few extra dollars. We discussed setting goals, saving, yada, yada, yada. I told them if they see something that needs to be done, to just do it, and not wait to be told to do it. I gave them the example of how dirt gets tracked in at the front door and needs to be swept up daily. So, I decided to test them on it. I didn’t sweep at the front door for a couple of days.

So when the dirt got to be more than I could handle, I started sweeping it up. My youngest was standing there watching me. Let’s just say I short circuited and started fussing ranting about it, about how this was one of those things that the boys could help out with because certainly they could see how much dirt was there just as easily as I could. I mean, right?!? And I even directly accused them of being the ones who tracked in the dirt, because I had not gone out of the front door but one time that day.

To which my kid replied, “Wow, you tracked in a lot of dirt. Thanks for cleaning up after yourself without being told.”

I’m pretty sure you could see the steam coming out of my ears. In my frustration and anger, I just had to laugh about it. Thanks for humbling me, kiddo.

I leave you with this final thought…the best line of the day award goes to the hubs:

Me: L had a major blowout. He’s happier now, and he looks much better.

Him: Good. Maybe his bad attitude blew out as well.

There you have it, folks. Autism with a side of snot, snapping, and sarcasm.

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