You ARE An Artist!

Handsome received the sweetest compliment today. Compliments for Handsome are few and far between, so when we get them, they are extremely meaningful to us, and they are never forgotten.

Like that one time when we were new at a mega-church and one pastor met us and weeks later he had remembered Handsome’s name. Or that one time when a group of college kids approached us at a mall and asked if they could lay hands on Handsome and pray for him. There’s also that one time when we were busy with a foster kiddo in a restaurant and Handsome wandered off to the table behind us and started eating their food. In their sweetness, they offered him a chair and shared their food. When we realized it a few moments later, they had nothing but kindness and warm smiles for us. There’s also that unforgettable moment when the ENTIRE megachurch gave a standing ovation to the Special Needs Ministry at the finale of their first Christmas pageant.

And then there was today. She goes by Nana. And she was exactly the encouragement that my lonely heart needed today.


There was an online art tutorial that I signed my youngest son (Captain) up for this afternoon. It was a short tutorial on how to draw a shark fin and a seahorse with chalk pastels. It was a perfect afternoon activity for him on a day that’s too hot to play with Nerf guns outside. Little did I know that Handsome would be interested, too.

Captain was busy doing his art and Handsome watched, then got comfortable and watched some more. We’ve tried to use both chalk and oil pastels with him in the past, and it has always been overwhelming for him to touch them because of how they feel. But then this happened.


He was unsure about it.


But he carried on. And after closely watching Captain coloring with the chalks on their side (skumbling), he proceeded to color the same way. This was incredible! Rather than hold the chalk upright as he knows how to hold writing/drawing tools, he put it on the side and lightly brushed his paper. And after watching Captain use his fingers to blend the chalks on the paper, would you believe that Handsome copied him????

He colored several pages and then Captain and I went outside to set the chalk with hairspray so the colors wouldn’t keep running off.

But Handsome wasn’t done with art yet today. He insisted on doing some watercoloring.

Interestingly, he also tried to paint left-handed. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him do that before.

When he was done painting, he wanted to draw. With the big marker! On the couch. But Momma said no, must use big marker at the table.


Don’t you just love his people? They always look like they’ve just been frightened to death.

Art is therapeutic for him. And when something is therapeutic for him, it is soothing for me, too. Want to know why? Because he’s not yelling at me.

Like here, when I told him he could not play outside this afternoon. He put those boots on all by himself, by the way! {Proud momma-moment. Sniff, sniff. Teardrop.}

Handsome watched me uploading this video. He was entertained by his tantrum.

Finally, here are some pictures of the art Handsome has completed lately. Some of these are drawings that I made that Handsome painted, and others are drawings that he made. In an effort to maintain everyone’s dignity, I won’t point out which are which.


Nana’s right Handsome…You ARE an artist!

(Thank you Nana of chalkpastel for the encouragement today. You have no idea how much I needed that warmth and kindness today.)

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