We are wrapping up a vacation week along with the ten bazillion other families who take off for the week of the Fourth. I’m pretty sure they were all on I-95 this week. The hubs is still relatively new on his job, and since many of the folks he works with were taking off this week, it meant he had to, too. S’ok though, we had an awesome week.

We ended up going to Colonial Williamsburg twice, Yorktown once, and DC once in the past week. If you know our family, then y’all know we are some serious history buffs and Williamsburg has been our go-to most favorite vacation spot ever for the past six years or so. We still have a few major Revolutionary cities we hope to cross off our bucket list, but Williamsburg remains our favorite of all.

So I’ll just jump right in to the reason for the title of this post, which will basically put us at the end of our vacation week. We ended a long, hot day at Williamsburg with a brass concert of historical American tunes. Here we are pictured as some of the first to be seated in the theater.


You wouldn’t be able to tell right here, but Handsome was very happy. Unfortunately, this is pretty much the only picture I took that included him. Um, it might actually be the only picture that included all of us.

Anywho, shortly after this picture was taken, and right as the concert was beginning, Handsome came down with a pretty serious case of the giggles. Outright belly laughing giggles that had no end. The hubs had to excuse himself and the boy because it was clearly a disturbance to the other folks in attendance who were not wanting to be entertained by us.

Awkward, but not quite as awkward as the other incidents of belly laughing that he had this past week. The first of which being in the Holocaust Museum…trust me, people are not entertained when someone is in there laughing. The next incident of laughing came during the IMAX movie about D-Day in Normandy. And the other incident was during a movie of the Siege at Yorktown. Oh, this boy…

Handsome continues to show us how much he is learning. He recently had a loose tooth. It took several nights of practice, but he finally let me wiggle his tooth. He has let me pull teeth from the front, but this one was a molar and he didn’t like me poking around in the back of his mouth. He finally let me work inside his mouth, but I never got the tooth pulled out. The next day he pulled it out on his own and tossed it into the sink. Good thing the sink had the stopper in the bottom. Here he is letting me look at his teeth and then copying me to look at mine.

He also continues to copy Captain. Captain is an awesome big brother, even though he is the youngest of the three boys. We recently bought Captain a ukulele after he had begged for one for over a year. Little did we know that Handsome would become obsessed with the ukulele. So much that he wouldn’t let Captain have it back. So we ordered Captain a new one and now Handsome tries to play along when Captain is taking his lessons.


And to top it all off, check out this Handsome boy overcoming some serious sensory issues as he handles a female Hercules beetle!

It’s actually pictured in Captain’s hand, and I included it so you could see how big it is. Handsome saw it on the deck and picked it up because he wanted to throw it off the deck. I put it on his shirt and he was mildly entertained by it. That was quickly replaced with a tantrum because I wouldn’t allow him to throw the beetle. We think it is newly emerged from her larval stage, but Captain is hoping she is actually elderly and about to die because he really wants to put it in his specimen collection. 🙂

Well, that’s all for now folks. It’s been a relatively quiet couple of weeks, but I’m sure I’ll have some pearls of wisdom to send your way, soon.

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