Never Ending Story

He, who shall be unnamed, began to tell me a story this morning. Several minutes into the story, I think my left eye started twitching, seemingly unnoticed and unbeknownst to him. About 20 minutes later I had to interrupt him and ask him to please stop talking.

Also, he, who shall remain unnamed, asked for a cup of coffee. I handed him this cup, which just so happened to accidentally get a heart shape of milk froth. When I handed it to him he asked me what was the “V” for.


Seriously, the kid can’t appreciate my accidental budding barista skills? I shoulda told him he wasn’t good enough to drink my latte. Punkface. Come back when you can bring some respect to the table. Dude, where were all these comebacks two days ago. All I had to work with back then was a blank stare and crickets.

There you have it folks. Someone’s autism is showing today…I’m not telling whose.

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