Well That’s A Neat Trick

Guess what folks? I’m back with the poopy-monologue of the day. I know y’all have been dying for more adventures in my daily PhD in Poo courses.

So here’s a new one for you.

Question: What happens when your sweet lil punkin’ (that would be Handsome) decides to jump (think donkey kick) in the middle of removing a dirty diaper?

Answer: Squishy flying poo is what you get.

You also get thankful that you weren’t on the receiving end of that donkey kick and you thank the Lord over and over that you were out of the way when the poo went flying. Me thinks donkey kick to the jaw would be more pleasant than the other.

I seriously had to stand there, somewhat speechless, until the reality of what just happened was able to fully set in. It took me a few moments of calculating how to even begin the cleanup process. Obviously, I started with cleaning my sweet darlin’.

I took a picture, because, well, because I knew when it happened it would make an appearance on the blog. But the better part of my brain is reminding me that I don’t need to overshare this afternoon. I’m sure there have to be some sort of rules and regulations for showing poop on the blog. You’ll just have to trust me on this. The poop went flying.

In honor of not sharing a picture of poop, I’ll share this silly picture instead.


The big boys were using the steel tub to fill up their water guns. Handsome decided the tub looked like his wading pool and seized control of it and the water hose. He then proceeded to spray everyone, dog included, when they approached the tub. Here is slobbering dog coming by for a drink of water. By the way, I love how Handsome has his mouth open because the dog’s mouth is open. Great mimicking!

Back to autistic moments completely unrelated…A few months ago our washing machine gave out mid-cycle and we had to scramble to get a new washer and dryer. We ended up having to settle on the one and only set available at our local appliance store. It wasn’t necessarily one we would have picked and we certainly didn’t have a lot of opportunity to price shop or compare features. Anyways, for the most part, I’ve been quite unhappy with the set, but they work, so I use them.

After months of just getting more and more frustrated with the set, I made a complaint to the manufacturer (LG). In my letter I mentioned that the machines were somewhat noisy and inefficient. Their response is both hilarious and maddening. Obviously, I must be an imbecile because their response was to ask me if I could confirm that I did not leave a wrench in the washing machine before moving on to the next trouble-shooting solution.


I can’t make this stuff up.

I’m not even able to respond to them yet. Whenever I start my response, I end up typing out that I took out the wrench already,  but it’s still making that noise…should I also take out the chainsaw. Something tells me they will take that literally though.

Oh, the autism is strong with this one.

2 thoughts on “Well That’s A Neat Trick

  1. LG: for real? I would send them a picture of your washer loaded with all your tools: hammer, screw drivers, etc, etc. and tell them that you definitely don’t have a wrench, that you double checked.


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