New Shoes

We finally made it back up to Philadelphia to pick up Handsome’s new foot gear. Looks like the boy has grown quite a lot in the last year. He also measured in at 5 feet, 1 inch tall…for anyone taking notes, that would be only 1-inch shorter than me.


The whole family went up to Philly yesterday, which was a lot easier on me because I don’t have to drive. Yay me. 🙂 We arrived in Philly with just enough time to grab some hot sandwiches (cheesesteaks!!) at the Reading Terminal before heading up to the hospital.


After both of Handsome’s appointments, we went back toward the historic district and walked around for about an hour or so. We saw the Liberty Bell and looked at the front of Independence Hall. We sat on some benches in front of Independence Hall and finished our sandwiches from earlier. The birds loved us.




We visited Philadelphia years ago when we lived in Pennsylvania. The boys were obviously all too young to remember it. We are glad we got in this quick little trip so the two boys can check this one off of the Revolutionary Cities bucket list.

We picked up the obligatory souvenir from one of the gift shops and began our long and boring drive home. Handsome actually napped on the ride home. That kind of scared us, because we never know what an afternoon nap will do to him. He only napped for about 20 or 30 minutes. I can’t blame him, the audiobook we are listening to isn’t all that fantastic but the Captain really enjoys it. Surprisingly, Handsome was ready for bed by the time we got home.


So, now that the difficult task of going to Philadelphia for foot gear is behind us, we now have the fun job of shoe-shopping for the boy.

Believe it or not, that’s kind of an overwhelming thought for me. Buying him new shoes. It’s been 8 years since I’ve bought the boy a new pair of shoes. Shoes that do not look like they are obviously orthotic shoes. Although, I will say, getting free shoes with custom made velcro straps added on from the Tampa Shriners did spoil me, and I will miss his little velcro shoes.

Finding new shoes to accommodate the extra long and extra wide toe on these was not easy. We finally got excellent customer service at our fifth shoe store and were able to walk away with some size 11s…yikes! Straight out measuring his foot, he would wear a size 8-9 in men’s. That’s still a yikes to me!

Check out the new kicks! Good grief my boys all have huge feet.

And look how much he has grown in the past year!

I’m not sure if we will continue to make the trip up to the Philadelphia Shriners in the future. It’s a long and tiring day. We shall see what the next 6-12 months look like with these. I wish we could just not wear these anymore. But I’m also scared of his ankles and toes getting more deformed or strained as well as his achilles getting tighter.

Every time I step foot inside of a Shriners Hospital, I am reminded of how much joy Handsome’s jumping, running, and hopping bring to him and us. The thought of him losing abilities due to a tightening achilles and/or surgery is enough to overwhelm this momma’s heart. Just can’t go there.

Last thought…HA…last thought for the blog today…we are headed to the local Ag fair tonight. It’s been over 9 years since we last took Handsome to one of those. Hopefully it won’t be some form of new hades for us…and if it is, hopefully not before we hit up the food trucks.

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