Autism At The Fair

We survived the Ag fair last night with the various assortment of autism displays. It wasn’t all that bad, but there were a few moments. :/

Handsome did better than we expected. He started demanding the tablet as soon as we arrived, but we usually don’t let him use the tablet while we are walking. He kinda-sorta gets that. He seemed to enjoy walking around at first, even though he was requesting it.


He made it into the chickens and rabbits barn. We were surprised that he casually walked in without incident. But as soon as we walked in the turkeys started gobbling and he nearly lost it. The hubs took him out of the barn, but Handsome was absolutely certain that I was the keeper of the tablet, so he immediately returned to me. I did not have the tablet actually, but he tried his best to walk with me and do whatever that elusive thing must be in order to gain the tablet from my possession. We made it all the way through the barn without the tablet, although not without some protesting.

We proceeded to the petting zoo with the baby barn animals. It was at this point that he went into full blown meltdown, complete with flailing on the ground. Our rule on tantruming for the device is that he must calm down from the meltdown first, then get the tablet. So once the Handsome boy calmed down, the hubs handed it over. The hubs and Handsome were able to join us for the rest of our visit with the baby barn animals. Our evening was much more enjoyable after the tablet exchange. 🙂

We enjoyed fried food and sweet drinks at the fair. Handsome absolutely loved the funnel cake and lemonade. Once he got a little overwhelmed when we were watching some motorcycle stunts at the little circus. But overall, he did great. He walked the entire time using his new AFOs and new shoes. What a trooper.


The other boys had their own autism showings, though maybe not as obvious.

Junior surprised us by riding the mechanical bull and eating a greasy turkey leg. He wasn’t interested in any rides or games. That’s quite okay with us though. His ASD revealed itself when we were discussing the demolition derby. As we were walking towards that area, Junior kept saying he didn’t know if it would be safe to watch cars explode. We had to explain it to him multiple times that the cars would not explode on impact. I guess he’s watched too many movies.


Captain had a great time and wanted to ride only the ferris wheel. I had to say no, despite how much he wanted to ride. It would have cost us $12 in tickets for just he and I to ride. Had he not spent $10 on a marionette I might have given it more consideration.

Even though Captain does not have autism, the tendencies do show up occasionally. Last night was one of those times. The kiddo we expected to enjoy the motorcycle stunts the most was the one whose anxiety was overwhelmed. I’m not sure if it was an autistic moment for him, or if it was just genuine concern for the stuntmen.

The Captain has been asking for a marionette for over two years. We saw them at the homeschool convention one year, and by the time we went to get one, they had sold out. He looked for one at the convention this year, but no one sold any. When he saw these last night, he just had to have it and used his own money to buy it.


And with that, I had better go now. The marionette was ruined this morning by one ASD boy playing too rough with the toy. Captain is pretty upset at that one ASD boy. I’ll have to finagle out a bunch of knots or cut the strings and retie them all and help the two boys reconcile as they cope with one’s anger and the other’s sulking over the toy. Oh the joys. Captain is a very patient and sweet boy, so to see him angered is a big deal.

Overall, it was a very pleasant evening at the fair and we had a great time.

If you’d like to read more about our experience at the fair, you can check out my other blog where I share from a different perspective. Fun At The Fair.

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