The Sequel

If you wanted to know if there would be a sequel to Handsome’s calling card episode, wonder no more!

What has Handsome been up to lately? Hmmm…looks like he’s discovered how much he loves paper. And markers.

This is but one stack of papers he has drawn on.

See that little booklet in the top? I put together 5 books of roughly 65 pages each of nothing but his drawings. The messa papers in the picture did not get bound into the booklets as most of the pages were too long to fit in the binder.


After a couple of weeks of him quickly drawing through ream after ream of paper, he moved on to my higher quality water color paper and I said “No, siree Bob, that’s enough! I’ll teach you a lesson.”

So, I did the most logical thing I could think of. I hid the paper, pens, pencils, and markers. At least I thought I hid all the markers.

Turns out he knew exactly where to find a couple of Sharpie markers in the kitchen. And then Handsome taught me a lesson when he showed me he is always one step ahead of me in the game.

If I won’t let him have paper, he will just draw on the other flat surfaces around the house. Like these gemstone boxes.


Or these little exam trays by the microscope table…


How about these file folders and the storage bins…


…and the bin lids? Maybe this box of curriculum. Oh, I guess he could have drawn on that little red tray, but why would he draw on HIS OWN stuff?


Why not the inside of the toy bins and the bottom of the dominoes box?


How about this little light box tray that is now permanently etched with the Baby Einstein shapes and can no longer be used for tracing images onto paper?


While he’s at it, he should go ahead and dump out all the other toy bins and fix those, too!


This one? Did you know that those little dials are hard to turn? Why bother turning them when you can just draw directly on the screen? Bonus, it doesn’t erase itself when you move the toy!


And when all the other surfaces are done, he can really drive the message home and start taking care of the furniture!


Hide the paper from Handsome? He’s got a quick draw to solve that problem!

Frustrating as it may be, it is actually the sweetest little reminder to us that he is growing and developing. So maybe he is reaching a developmental milestone here?? What neuro-typical age will draw on the walls and furniture–two or three years old, maybe?

I could shout this from the rooftop, “I LOVE THIS!”

My Handsome boy, growing up and causing trouble! It’s hard to punish him when he’s learning and growing and developing. That being said, I do have to figure out how to bring an end to this.

We went to IKEA today to buy doors for our IKEA bookcases. Next, I’ll need to figure out how we can add locks to the doors. We are going to add child safety locks on the drawers that hold all our papers. Also, we will have to start locking up all the markers, pens, CDs and DVDs, as well as the laptops.

Handsome recently found a couple of DVDs and shoved them both in the laptop driver. The laptop had to be taken apart to get them out. We had a DVD drive for our Big Mac, and it just suddenly stopped working one day. We had to open it up, and inside we found coins. We never could get it to work again after that. Thanks Handsome. You’re real cute when you’re learning about cause and effect…but could you experiment on something that doesn’t have an expensive Apple logo on it, pleeeeeze?

Another thing worth celebrating today…we went to IKEA this morning and I did not take the tablet with us. He asked for it several times, but I just kept putting a photograph in his hands and he stayed occupied with that the entire time. He made lots of happy sounds the entire time. I did not buy him food or give him snacks either. I totally expected him to melt down when we got home, but he surprised me and handled it all like a perfect angel.

He hasn’t asked me for anything at all this afternoon, at least not until the big boys pulled out the laptops to start their hour of daily Minecraft. Handsome thinks that he should get his free hour of media time at the same time they do. Even though that sounds like a reasonable expectation, we just can’t give him an hour of media time. He just can’t handle it. The instant he gets in front of a digital screen, Mr. Hyde emerges and we get all sorts of crazies and Hulk-smash behaviors that take out the remainder of the day.

Besides, I much prefer the cuddly boy with the happy sounds, even if he is drawing all over everything with permanent markers.

At the expense of a small forest, my boy is ruining all the paper in the house, including my permanent file of school board legal papers, hospital bills, and the washing machine manual. He’s developing the fine motor skills to open and close pen/marker lids, and how about that automation of duplicating his favorite picture, eh? Let’s not forget that creativity in finding new materials to work with even though the desired medium was no longer available…that, or he’s just really honing in on that passive aggressive gene that he might get honestly from me.

Regardless, I love this new development and I love this boy. All the feels.

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