Let Me Just Say “WOW”

Ahh…the end of summer and the beginnings of fall bring a crisp, freshness of routine.

The big boys officially start up their homeschool work a couple of weeks before Handsome gets started. I like to get the big boys into their new routines and through the new subject introductions so they can work independently while I help Handsome with his work.

Of course Handsome’s “school” work looks very different from what his brothers are doing. They are learning Latin, Handsome is still learning how to put his lips together to make the “m” sound for “Momma.” They are working on pre-algebra and he is counting to 20. His school work isn’t measurable the same way. Most of his work is in the form of therapy. And much like typical kids loathe their school work, Handsome can put up some resistance to doing his work, too.

His first day of 5th grade, hmm…maybe 6th, ???  school this year was pretty difficult. He had this look on his face and screamed at me the entire time.


The next few days went a little better. He did not like working on patterns (see picture above), but he enjoyed rhyming and sequences. He also has a new favorite book/song. He’s branching out…it has been Brown Bear Brown Bear for over a year now. He’s loving the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Hmmm…it just may be time to bring out the arachnid mini unit again…

He had a couple of rough days with his blood pressure and heart rate being elevated and irregular. He also had a night with left side drooping again. 😦 It seems to be under control now. Anyone know of a holistic Ayurvedic doctor who specializes in cardiology, neurology, chiropractic care, dental, autism, and essential oils in addition to overall wellness??? Oh, and that doctor needs to be within 15 minutes of me. Anyone? No? {{{crickets}}}


You may notice Handsome got a haircut. Would you believe he stood up for his haircut and did not protest? He also laid flat on the massage table and let me work on his spine for about 15 minutes. That’s never happened before. Compliments of Google tablet of course.

Know what else is new? He’s had a recent language explosion! It’s been unreal! He’s connecting language, forming sentences, talking back to us, and repeating us all day long! Never has echolalia or back-talk been so pleasant to our ears before! Sorry for all the exclamation points! I’m not yelling at you all! I’m just crazy excited!!!!!!!!!

Oh good, you’re still with me and not wind burned in the face. 🙂

In the past week or so, I introduced a new essential oil to his routine. The result was almost immediate and very obvious. Never have I witnessed such a profound and immediate neurological response of this magnitude with an essential oil. I’m not permitted to describe in too many details here, as I have FDA compliance rules and regulations to follow. {Phooey} But I can discuss further in a private conversation if you’d like to send me a message here or on the blog Facebook page.

But this boy…he sure keeps me busy. He plays with every toy imaginable. I have a hard time getting rid of his stuff. There have been rare occasions when he has lost a toy, and it really upsets him. So I’m careful about getting rid of his stuff. I can’t just sneak stuff out of the house, nor can he help me bag up toys and donate them like my other boys do. If he can’t find something, he looks for it. It breaks my heart.

So recently, I decided his room really needed to be cleaned. The sheer volume of toys in his room and his playroom is embarrassing. I don’t clean his room often, quite honestly, because it’s pointless. When it’s clean, it’s a really sweet room.


I had to take a picture because I knew it wouldn’t last long. Sigh…yes, same day before and after pictures.


He sure can make a mess, but he’s also the sweetest little boy!


Thanks for stopping by!


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