And Just Like That

And just like that, the Handsome boy turned 11.

We love to celebrate Handsome’s birthday because it’s usually very low key. A few gifts from family, favorite cookies, and a favorite meal round out a perfect day for the kiddo.

To make the day extra special, the Handsome boy was handed the TV remote and he got to watch this scene from Baby MacDonald to his hearts content.


One of his favorite gifts this year was a set of reusable stickers. Lo and behold, there was a farm scene included. And would you look at how the stickers got arranged???


Here’s a side by side.

I was excited about getting a couple of organization tools set up in his room. This one backfired because Handsome got upset that all of those little toys hanging on the chain were not inside the box. Doh! How did I not see that one coming?


He also wasn’t too thrilled about the bean bag cover. In fact he was no where near as excited about it as I was. What a genius idea! There are no beans in this beanbag. You fill it with stuffed toys. Brilliant! When Handsome wasn’t looking, I stuffed 3 totes worth of dolls in this thing. This is only effective until he learns how to unzip the beanbag cover.

Next favorite gift was this little rocker. It’s called a teeter popper. There are suction cups on the bottom of it, and man are they loud on the hardwood floors. I have to admit I wasn’t entirely sure how well Handsome would receive this gift, but he actually loves it! Thank you aunts and uncles!


The two big brothers made Handsome’s favorite treat, chocolate chip cookies. The cookies look quite pitiful, but that didn’t stop the boy from putting them in his belly.

Lastly, we ended our evening with the Handsome’s favorite meal, grilled salmon. I can’t put that all on just him, I do believe it’s everyone’s favorite meal. The hubs has an amazing dry rub he puts on the salmon that gives an amazing sweet and spicy kick to it.


So that’s how we celebrate low key for the boy turning 11. We’ve got a few more birthdays rolling through at the beginning of November.

Thanks for stopping by!

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