Wait, What?

Sorry it’s been kinda quiet around here lately. Not that there has been a shortage of autism moments or anything like that. But…

…this happened…



Looks like we will have a new little one joining our family towards the end of May next year!

I’m a couple weeks away from turning 41, and all I can say is that being pregnant in my 40s is a LOT more tiring than being pregnant in my 30s. That, and I {foolishly} did the math, by the time #4 is finishing up high school, I will have put in 25 years of home educating my children!

My biggest worry though, will be how Handsome handles it all. At least we know he will love the baby’s toys.

The last time he was around an infant, we had a 5 week old foster child. He didn’t seem to mind her being around or the noises she made. However, there was the one time when she was crying and Handsome tried to shove a pacifier in her mouth to make her quiet. What a classic moment!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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