Pure Love

I can hardly contain my excitement to share this. For a couple of months now, we have all (hubs, myself, and two boys) been working with the Handsome boy to learn how to say some simple phrases.

It started back in September when I introduced a new essential oil to the Handsome’s daily routine and he started repeating us. Since then, we have all been working with him to help him learn phrases.

We all contribute to helping Handsome repeat words all throughout the day. As opportunities present themselves, we all have impromptu speech sessions with him.

Every night to say goodnight to the Handsome, the rest of us all pile onto his bed with him and we go through a series of bedtime rituals. It started off with us all just piling our hands on top of each others and doing a chant with the family name followed by a quick little prayer that Handsome never seemed to understand. Then it progressed to add a few more silly games. Eventually we added in raspberries on his belly, but that quickly got out of hand and we had to bring an end to that part. Though Handsome will still pull up his shirt and request it almost every night. We had to stop because we quickly discovered that the raspberries pushed him into a new heightened level of euphoria and it would take him several hours to calm down enough to go to sleep. Those 1 and 2 am sleep times were just not vibin’ with the rest of us. It’s not like he’s quiet during those hours. He’s jumping, laughing, flipping on lights, and throwing parties with his seven bajillion closest stuffed animal friends.

But in these fun moments, we are all helping Handsome with language development, talking to him, encouraging him to answer or repeat us, counting with him, prolonging eye contact, and strengthening bonds between us all.

One night, as my husband finished praying, the Handsome boy repeated “In Jesus’ name amen.”

That blew us out of the water.

So, from then on, my husband simplified the bedtime prayer and something with the Handsome boy just clicked and he seemed to get it. He now repeats the entire prayer, word for word. We are still working on saying the phrases, and I think we are close.

I decided to take it a step further, because I know how Handsome loves the moveable alphabet. So, here you have it. This is our nightly prayer with Handsome, and for the first time, today he said the entire prayer, not just repeating word for word.

Remember that time when I ugly cried…yeah, it’s that all over again.

Also, update on Monster the cat: Since my last post where I shared how the Handsome has started rubbing my belly and then went on to call the cat’s name, the boy has really made some progress.

Last night as we were finishing up the good night routine, Monster the cat jumped on the bed. It was just me, the boy, and the cat. I wish I had been able to take video, but it’s just an amazing memory meant for me to enjoy in that moment.

The Handsome boy started petting the cat nicely…that in and of itself was amazing. But then he started saying “Monster.” And then he started repeating all the language that we have worked on with him… “Monster is a cat” {he also made the sign for cat here}. “Monster is soft.” Over and over again he kept saying those little sentences. Complete sentences!

I don’t know if I can explain to you what that did to this momma’s heart. This was HUGE! Day in and day out, for the past FIVE years, I have encouraged Handsome with those little phrases as I worked hand-over-hand with him to gently pet the cat. As we would carefully pet the cat, oftentimes with me restraining the boy’s heavy hand, I would say, “Monster is a cat. Monster is soft. Gentle.”

Five years.

And last night, he said it all by himself.

Queue the ugly cry again.

I’m just going to leave it all right there. I cannot put into words what this has done for me. Just know that I’ve leapt through the roof and I’m shouting from the rooftops in pure excitement for how far this boy has come.


Thank you for stopping by and rejoicing with us. And remember, Jesus loves you.

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