Well hello there friends! Happy New Year! And thanks for coming back around after the Christmas hiatus.

Things are still plucking along as usual around here.

Let me see, I believe since I last wrote here, we’ve had FOUR winter storms that brought snow, including the bomb-cyclone that brought us unbearably cold temps in the negatives. One morning I woke up and it was in the negatives, but the “feels like” temp was -14. I do believe that is the coldest I’ve ever experienced. Now I know there are plenty of folks out there who get temps like that regularly, but where we are in Virginia, the average January temperature is in the 40s. And don’t forget, it’s only been a year since we moved up from Florida.

Anyways, enough complaining about the weather. The Handsome boy has been busy with his learning lately. We continue to work on forming complete sentences when he speaks, as opposed to speaking/repeating only one word at a time. He’s still working on “Jesus loves me. I love Jesus.” But he’s added a few other little phrases, such as, “In Jesus’ name,” “mommy and daddy,” “tablet please,” and “watch Baby Einstein please.” Hey, we’ll take what we can get!

Also, recently he repeated “chocolate” when he overheard my husband say it. We obliged, of course. He also brought a plate to my husband one day and said, “pasta.” He has said pasta a few times now.

I wanted to share this amazing little story with you. One day I showed Handsome how to put together a tangram puzzle. We have a set with four individual puzzles, and we worked on all four that day. When I handed him the puzzles the next day, he remembered how to put it together.

If you’ll notice in the picture below, he also mirrored the bottom row to the top row.



He’s been working on other things as well. We started another round of alphabet art and he’s having a lot of fun with these cut and paste projects. He’s also been working on reading the words to Jesus Loves Me. You can see it in the GIF above, in the pocket chart.

Back in December, my doula recommended a couple of exercises to try on the exercise ball to help with lower back and hip pain, especially as my pregnancy progresses. We finally got the exercise ball inflated, and of course the Handsome boy claimed it as his.

Handsome boy loves the exercise ball.

And, just as we anticipated, he eventually brought the ball upstairs…to my bed.

Please excuse the messy bed with the ginormous body pillow. I was tempted to pull the body pillow out, but decided it was serving to prevent him from rolling off of one side of the bed at least. You can see he has achieved lift in these pictures. You can also see how happy he is to have the exercise ball again.


Hopefully he will share with me, at least for the next few months.

Here are a couple more pictures of the boy sitting precariously on the exercise ball in places that make his momma’s heart skip a beat. Prior to taking the first picture, I saw him sitting on the ball with his feet stretched out and hanging over the edge of the railing.

In other randomness, the boy stood through a haircut this week WITHOUT a tablet! We were so proud of him and cannot believe how far he has come with getting haircuts.


And finally, Handsome does not appear to notice that I’m pregnant. Though I have been encouraging him to touch my belly and say “baby.” Sometimes he seems to enjoy this little interaction, other times he gets excited thinking that I meant “Baby Einstein.” Oh well, maybe when the baby is physically here and occupying my time and attention he will notice! 😉

What he has noticed though, is that my belly makes for a fun platform to line toys on. Please excuse the messy floor, this boy loves to play in my room and there is never a shortage of messiness left in his wake.


Thanks for stopping by and sticking with us!

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