Start With Jesus

The Handsome boy may be considered non-verbal, but he still has plenty to say.

In December, we used the current Focus on the Family Advent series as part of our daily Bible studies through the month of December. While my two other boys are a little old to do the one from FOTF, they still enjoy it and Handsome enjoyed seeing the new characters added daily.

When the Christmas and Advent season were over, and I was cleaning up the decorations, I set aside the completed paper Advent from FOTF, certain that Handsome would use them again somehow. I clipped them together and set them face down in the bookcase…in other words, I set them down and forgot about them. Whoops.

I trimmed the edges to make each character a little smaller and brought out a large sheet of paper and glue and then spread out all the pictures for Handsome to see.

He was immediately drawn to the activity and searched through all the people until he found the Baby Jesus. He glued him down right in the center of the stable. He then proceeded to add Mary and Joseph around the baby, and then carefully added each person and animal to the scene.


So…all those years of reading or talking to a child that won’t look at you or the book, sometimes even screaming and kicking at you for making him do story time…all those years of teaching lessons while a seemingly non-observant, non-listening, highly distracted child with autism stims nearby…was actually sinking in somehow. Somehow?

No. Not somehow. Just ALL GOD.

As I shared the days events with a friend, I was telling her how at the start of the activity Handsome was searching for Jesus and started with him. And then it dawned on me.

Start with Jesus…what a great testimony!

Start with Jesus…there’s a sermon in that.


On that high and happy note, I’m going to start back up on the efforts to locate the USB drive for this mouse and keyboard that Handsome swiped after ONE DAY of use.


To the best of our knowledge, he took the USB port upstairs…where he also dumped out several Lego bins.


The Handsome boy may be non-verbal, but he sure does have lots to say. And he knows how to keep us on our toes.

Start with Jesus.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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