These Are The Times…

These are the times that try a mama’s soul.

I’m entering into the “any day now” stage of my pregnancy. I’m *almost* ready to pop. What I’d love to do is sit down and relax for a while and elevate my feet so the dreadful swelling will go down. My ankles are cankles and my toes look like sausages. My hips have begun the migration from fitting into maternity to jeans to the point of no return birthin’ hips. Baby is in position, resting on the bladder, killing my lower back, and giving me charlie horses behind both knees every night. This mama is ready.


…there’s this list that has to be completed. You know the one. The one that gets longer as the minutes pass by regardless of how many items you tick off of the list.


And then of course, there are those moments when autism shows up in the form of epic meltdowns. That would be today.

The reality sets in that you never get a moment to catch your breath, let alone catch a break. There is no time to sit down. There is no relaxing. And if by chance you ever do find yourself sitting down and relaxing, you immediately begin to wonder what you’re forgetting you should be doing. Because sitting down is a luxury not often afforded.

This morning was tough. It seemed to start out ok, but in hindsight, that was merely because the Handsome boy slept in.

I was expecting servicemen at 9 am this morning. They were coming to finish the detail work on the fireplace insert that was installed a month ago. The one that they were supposed to be back to complete more than two weeks ago. The workers were two hours late…actually, two weeks and two hours late. But it’s finally done.

While I was still wondering if the workers were going to show up today, the Handsome boy woke up with a runny nose. There is snot everywhere. Including here…


What is that you say? It’s a piece of fabric I bought yesterday for a “quick” little project I wanted to complete before the baby arrives. I spent no less than 3 hours washing, drying, and ironing many yards of fabric for this project. I stepped away from my workspace because the baby is boxing with my bladder. And I came back to find that Handsome had used my cleaned and freshly ironed fabric as a tissue.

I thanked him for his contribution and when he picked up a pillow to wipe his nose, I reminded him to use a tissue. He went into an epic meltdown. I mean EPIC. Screaming, stomping his feet, running through the house yelling at everyone and everything, throwing things, banging the walls.

While I was downstairs ironing fabric, my other two boys were upstairs doing their math. One of them cheated on his work today. So there’s the parent/principal conversation happening while my husband was driving in to the office today. We are discussing how to punish said cheater. I released a deep sigh and told my husband that I sure was happy that I wasn’t the principal of our homeschool in charge of discipline.

Also this morning, one of the inside cats….good grief he has really been pushing the envelope lately! Not our sweet Monster, the one that lets chickens sleep on his face. The other one. The fat, lazy, gluttony one. He attacked one of our little chicks this morning! Thankfully it was one of the older chicks, and not the week-old ones. Chick was not harmed. But the rascal had the intent to harm. This set off all the chicks, but worse than that, it set off out of control autism behaviors from more than one autistic in the house. Epic meltdown times two {{times eight if you count the chicks freaking out}}.

As if that wasn’t enough, the cat darted outside as soon as Handsome opened the deck slider to go outside this morning. Normally this cat has reached the ground in 2.4 seconds when the door opens. But I think he knew he was on shaky ground this morning. I yelled the cat’s name and he turned right around and came back inside and then took himself to the basement. I followed him to the top of the stairs and closed the basement door. Thank you Jesus for that little victory.

Crotchety and stressed out 9+ months pregnant lady coming after you, no thanks, even the cat knew he had crossed the line. He had better be thankful he didn’t make me go down any deck stairs to chase him.

Then there’s also this realization that hit me recently. My oldest son is turning 13 in just over a month. I’m giving birth to a newborn in less than a month. In between those two, I have one boy entering his pre-teen years, hitting growth spurts, and physically maturing while still needing diaper changes; and I have another boy on the cusp of his pre-teen years, finishing out his elementary years and preparing for his junior high years. Wait, what? A teenager, two pre-teens, and an infant.

And let’s not forget that whole autism shows up bit:

  • No, you can’t have chocolate chip cookies for breakfast = epic meltdown
  • No, you can’t have Pringles for breakfast = epic meltdown
  • I opened the patio slider = epic meltdown
  • He closed the patio slider = epic meltdown
  • I reopened the patio slider = EPIC meltdown
  • I asked him to use a tissue = EPIC meltdown
  • I hung wet towels out to dry = epic meltdown
  • The mailman delivered a package = epic meltdown
  • The fireplace workers had to use spray paint = epic meltdown
  • One boy coughed because the pollen is horrible right now = epic meltdown
  • One boy walked outside, Handsome locked him out, I unlocked the door = epic meltdown
  • The dog barked = epic meltdown
  • I took Handsome to the bathroom to change his diaper but he was still dry = epic meltdown
  • I went downstairs to start a load of laundry = epic meltdown

This all happened before noon in one day.

It’s all so tiring. I’d really love to put my feet up and see some swelling go down. But I can’t, because there’s a list and there’s autism to contend with today. The boy is hungry for lunch and we can’t have cookies or Pringles for lunch {again}.

I truly am in the final month of my pregnancy. I’m not sure when I’ll be back on here but I’ll try to update shortly after the baby is born. In the meantime, I covet your prayers for a healthy baby and delivery, but also for the Handsome boy as his life is about to be turned upside down. My mind is always always always storing up stuff to share, so I’m sure by the time I’m back to the blog world, I’ll have lots of stories to share.

Thanks for stopping by today. I’ll plan to check back in after the baby is here! 🙂

4 thoughts on “These Are The Times…

  1. Prayers for peace and even more patience. I’m sure you don’t think you have it but we all know you do. Can’t wait to see this new little one. We’ll be praying for the adjustment. ❤️


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