Still the Baby Around Here

Handsome has grown so much since becoming a big brother again. His response to us having another baby has been an answer to many months of prayers on his behalf. He adores his baby brother and likes to rub his hair and give kisses. When he hears the baby cry, he calls the baby’s name, checks on him, or tries to give him a pacifier. He wants to sit near the baby and he of course likes all of the new baby stuff.

The Handsome boy even got a haircut recently and didn’t need a tablet or phone to comfort him through it. I know, right!?

But despite all of these new and amazing big boy achievements for the Handsome, one thing is for certain, he is not interested in surrendering his title as our baby.

As I mentioned above, Handsome really likes all of the new baby stuff.

Like the bouncing seat…


And this little water table I found at Aldi this week. I know the baby is still a year away from getting to enjoy this, but the price point was too good to pass up and I have plenty of space to store it until we need it.

But then Handsome saw it, and asked for it (the hand waving in my direction) and then signed and spoke “please” over and over until I opened the box and put it together.


He was so excited to play with this new toy, and as you can see, he dumped the favorite toys of the day into the water.


His next younger brother, who we always call the Big Brother came out to help Handsome learn how to play with the new toy. Secretly, I’m pretty sure big brother was having fun with it, too. But I absolutely love that he always steps up to be the big brother to Handsome, even though he’s 13 months younger. You can see how excited Handsome is to watch his brother showing him how it works. (I love the jumping!)

Finally, just want to share this pic of the Handsome boy loving his baby brother.


Never in my wildest dreams did I think Handsome would ever want to hold a baby in his arms.

My heart is full and I relish these days of having big boys and baby boys all at the same time. Speaking of which, I’m still in denial that my oldest recently turned 13. I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since my oldest made me a mom for the first time.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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